Campus Times
March 22, 2002

photo by Tom Galaraga

Fire fighter Leo Kilman extinguishes the remaining flames on a D Street garage Monday. The blaze, which started in the garage, spread to the roof of the house.

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Local house destroyed in fire

La Verne Fire Department is still investigating the cause of a house fire, belonging to 92-year-old Blanche Christensen.

Oscar aims to please

The Academy Awards will have to reward the performance most deserving, but may disappoint the fans in the process.



ULV students seek peace in Indiana

Four University of La Verne students traveled to North Manchester, Ind., to take part in a three-day conference, titled "Organizing for Peace."

Phi Delta Theta fate to be determined

An incident involving a stripper raises the eyebrows of ULV Greek Review Board.

Betty Wilson, ULV alumnus, dies at 88

Betty Wilson, the wife of former Trustee Emeritus Elvin K. Wilson, died Saturday of natural causes.

Photo minor brings artistic options

The Photography Department has introduced a petition to the Faculty Assembly to start a new minor in photography.

Super Chevy shows off best cars, motors, tires

The Super Chevy Show returned to Pomona Raceway with 21 premier drag racing events.

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