CAB hosts two ‘Ladies’ Nights’ for ULV women
Posted March 23, 2007
Lauren Pollard

Female students of the University of La Verne gathered March 21 in Leo's Den for a night of celebrating a woman’s worth. Musician Chloe Day performed trip-hop music while male students greeted the ladies with a flower as they entered where they enjoyed snacks and free massages.

In a night filled with laughter, silence, outbursts of feeling and trivia, both women and one man gathered in the Stu Han lounge for the “Real Women Have Curves” event which was held on Tuesday at 10 p.m.

As the movie was showing there was reaction from those in the audience as some audience members compared Ana’s mother to their own mothers.

Although the movie drew reaction, it also presented some difficulties for audience. The beginning of the movie had a lot of Spanish dialogue and many of those watching found it difficult to understand what the characters were saying.

During the evening there was also a game that was played that tested people’s knowledge of women’s history.

There were more than 20 women who attended the event and one man who also attended the event.

The participants were divided into two teams. During the game, some of the harder questions left many women sitting in silence for a few seconds, and some of the questions drew laughter from the participants.

Whispers could be heard among the groups as they tried to come up with the best answer to the questions.

Only nine people stayed to watch the movie, but those who stayed said they could relate to the issues presented in the movie.

“I loved it because it connected with me by addressing women’s issues, and it helps promote self-esteem,” Narlyia Sterling, a freshman theater arts major, said.

Others also said the movie helped them to realize certain things.

“It was really interesting to see the contrast between traditional values and contemporary views of education and family,” Donna Ibale, a freshman biology major, said.

Overall, most of the women at the event said they learned more about women’s history. The event, most said, was a bonding experience for them.

“I had a blast getting to know more women,” Diana Lopez, a sophomore liberal studies major, said.

Others said the night was a learning experience.

“I’ve learned that knowing who you are and being true to yourself is a key element in anyone’s life,” Sterling said.

For those who planned the event, they say Tuesday’s event was of great importance.

“It is important because the issues that we’re talking about concern women in society,” said Ashley Joseph, multicultural events chair for the Campus Activities Board.

In addition to the “Real Women Have Curves” event, ULV women were also treated to a night of pampering and relaxation in Leo’s Den as they took part in “Ladies Night,” which was held on Wednesday.

The event was a night for ladies just to hang out and be served by the ULV gentlemen who were helping with the event. As each woman walked in, she was presented with a flower by one of the many gentlemen standing at the front door.

Throughout the night the gentlemen would ask the ladies if they wanted anything to drink or if they were hungry, one of the gentlemen would serve the ladies food.

Chloe Day performed at the event. Day is a trip-hop artist from Missouri who got her start eight years ago playing a guitar while hitchhiking through Mexico.

She sang for the ladies against a backdrop of streaming video.

“I haven’t really played for a lot of college crowds, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It was a good turn out,” Day said.

In addition to having Chloe Day perform, ULV women also had the chance to receive seven-minute massages from Wild Earth Spa.

Many of the women said the event made them feel relaxed and special.

“I liked it. I like that there was music. It just came at a really good time with mid-terms and everything. It helped me to relax and to relieve my stress,” Alyse Beni, a sophomore psychology major, said.

Madaiko Miller said that the men there added to the evening.

“We don’t have these kinds of events often, that shows how much men appreciate women. I think it’s nice how they are willing to dress up and cater to us,” Miller, a sophomore psychology major, said.

“Every once in a while it’s nice to feel appreciated,” said Ashley Joseph, multicultural events chairwoman for the Campus Activities Board.

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