Campus Times
March 26
, 2004

photo by Jason Cortez

One-year-old Ayla Bustillos and her 2-year-old sister, Rebeca, came from Diamond Bar to Heritage Park, which contains one of the few remaining orange groves in La Verne. Every spring Heritage Park opens its doors and offers visitors an opportunity to pick oranges, ride on a tractor and learn a little something about La Verne’s agriculture and history.

Top Stories

‘Squeeze’ evokes LV roots

Children are given a taste of La Verne's past in the orange groves of Heritage Park.

Election offers first choice in 3 years

The upcoming ASF election offers a rarity -- more than one candidate for president.

The LeRoy Haynes Center:

Center offers refuge

A family-like atmosphere gives troubled youngsters a place to call home.

Budget cuts hit Center

Future growth is dependent on the assistance of Los Angeles County.



University to retract from the west

Community pressure prompts the sale of the converted houses used as offices for the Honors Program and International Center.

Cal Grant spared

The passage of Proposition 57 offers relief for Cal Grant recipients.

Shortfall up to $3 million

A drop in enrollment in the School of Continuing Education is a main factor in driving up this year's budget shortages.

D.A. to review case

An alleged hate crime in Claremont is revealed to be a hoax.

Bio students stick to FACS

A new flow cyclometer is just one of the acquisitions allowing scientific research to blossom at the University of La Verne.

ULV bio team to research in Mass.

Professor Christine Broussard and a student will spend the summer working at the Marine Biological Laboratories on Cape Cod.

'Ernie' remembered

Members of the ULV community gather to pay their respects to Ernie Granillo.

APA help offered

The Learning Enhancement Center instructs students in the intricacies of APA style.

Talking god, gays

The Coalition for Diversity sponsors a workshop addressing homosexuality and religion.

Tests replace GE’s

The DANTES and CLEP exams are offered to help students make it to graduation.