Film promotes election
Posted March 27, 2009

With election season over across the nation, the University of La Verne is just getting started. In hopes of getting the word out about both voting and the candidates involved, ASULV hosted a movie night on Monday in Founders Auditorium.

The audience was treated to a screening of the 2006 film “Man of the Year,” where Robin Williams plays Tom Dobbs, a political comedian who, through a series of events and a major corporate scandal, finds himself as the country’s new president elect.

The character of Dobbs, who does not adhere to standard politics and believes in open and transparent process, hit a chord with some students.

Senior Matt White, ASULV vice president of public affairs, thought the film was a perfect fit because of the current elections.

“It also reflects a lot on our most recent election,” White said. “It means a lot at home here for students in La Verne.”

“I am a big fan of Robin Williams, I thought the movie was great,” said Phil Velasco, elections commissioner for ASULV, whose job it is to over see both the campaigning and election process.

Velasco saw the event as a way for the candidates and students to interact and become an informal meet-and-greet.

“There aren’t any debates or other opportunities for those running to talk to students. This gives candidates a chance to get their ideas out,” Velasco said

“I want to give back what ASULV has given to me,” said sophomore Chris Kaelberer, one of the presidential candidates.

Voting will be held Monday through Wednesday in three locations; the corner of C and Third streets, Leo’s Den and the Johnson Family Plaza. Voting on Monday and Tuesday is from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m., and Wednesday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Winners will be announced Wednesday.

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Film promotes election

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