Student candidates vie for top spot
Posted March 27, 2009
Sher Porter
LV Life Editor

Elections for the Associated Students for the University of La Verne will be held Monday through Tuesday and the candidates are making sure that students do not forget to vote.

Although the University’s student government has not held historically competitive elections, it seems than no students  have tried this hard to gain votes.

“I think this year is the most competitive we’ve seen,” said current ASULV President and senior Chanel Kaufman.

This year’s candidates are Alan Hernandez, a senior art and music major, with Jocelyn Bravo, a sophomore business administration major, running for vice president; and Chris Kaelberer, a sophomore business administration major, with Noor Wahba, a sophomore broadcast journalism major running for vice president.

Hernandez and Bravo, whose campaign slogan is “You, Us, Our Future,” are new to ASULV. They are both involved with other organizations on campus, but have not had the opportunity to be a part of the organization.

“I hope people don’t think that just because I haven’t been in ASULV doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn,” Bravo said.

Hernandez is on the executive board for the Multicultural Club Council, Residence Hall Association and Phi Delta Theta and is on the committee to solve student concerns with the Sarah and Michael Abraham Campus Center. Bravo is Oaks Hall Council co-chairwoman for RHA and is a member of Sigma Kappa.

They chose to be running mates because Hernandez knew Bravo wanted to be more involved on campus.

“She’s always always open minded, hard working and extremely creative,” Hernandez said.

“I’m really excited to see what happens,” Bravo said.

Their campaign is for change. They feel like the organization is not reaching back to the students as much as it should be.

“Because there is an apparent change that needs to happen in student government. I believe the student voice is not being heard,” Hernandez said. “The pillars of the mission statement of La Verne are not being heard.”

Some of their plans include working on increasing communication between administration and student life, parking issues, environmental issues, improving financial distributions and finding ways to help the University save money.

“If it’s not working, then change it,” Hernandez said.

Kaelberer and Wahba are both currently members of ASULV. Kaelberer is the vice president of communications and Wahba is the Senator Pro Tempore. Kaelberer is also involved in choir and Wahba is involved in Iota Delta and the orientation coordinator. Both were Orientation Week Leaders.

Kaelberer and Wahba chose to be running mates because they are close friends and feel the same devotion for ASULV. They were each other’s first friends at the University and this was the first organization on campus they both joined. They felt they were a great match to run together.

“Our friendship has become even stronger because we’re in ASULV together,” Kaelberer said.

Some of the plans they have are increasing marketing, increase club funding, making sure senators are attending more club events and also increase communication.

“We are very passionate and serious about this,” Wahba said.

Other issues and ideas that Kaufman would like to see continue are senator bonding events, creating scholarships, funding the marquee, the toilet paper, discount cards and giving ASULV more of a name to students.

Both parties are reaching out to students to try to gain their vote next week.

The campaigning started off simple with Hernandez and Bravo using chalk to write voting messages on the sidewalk and Kaelberer and Wahba writing messages on the windows of Davenport Dining Hall.

It has now escalated to balloons, posters, tee-shirts, buttons and large posters on the windows of Davenport. For the first time, they are attending club and organization meetings to talk about whom they are and their platform.

“I think it shows how the organization itself is growing,” Kaelberer said.

“I’m excited that there is student involvement,” Hernandez said.

The other positions that can be voted on are senator-at-large, senator for the college of business, senator for the college of education and senator for the college of arts and sciences. None of these positions are running opposed, but all open positions have candidates.

ASULV is the student governing board that distributes money for campus activities and voices student concerns.

A portion of the tuition goes toward the student activity fee, which funds ASULV.

It allocates money to the Campus Activities Board to host events and pay the chair­men and chairwomen, Multi­cultural Club Council, Greek life, funds for clubs and organizations to ask for and ASULV with 10 percent unspent to save for future projects.

This year ASULV was projected to receive $400,680.

The members of ASULV are part of different committees to help improve the campus. Some include the Davenport food committee in conjunction with RHA, the space committee, and Board of Trustees committee. In this way, they can work to help solve or present student concerns. They have worked with choosing the new academic calendar, getting the University hour started and extending Wilson library hours.

The election results will be announced Wednesday.

Sher Porter can be reached at

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