Campus Times
March 28, 2003

photo by Jason Cooper

The war for cheaper gas prices is also being waged in La Verne. Stations such as Shell and Mobil compete with prices that differ by pennies to pique the interest of commuters. Patty Trevor of La Verne says she needs $100 to fill up her Chevy Suburban.

Top Stories

Spike in gas prices felt by all

The war in Iraq is one factor in the rising costs local residents are facing.

Class units may go from 3 - 4

Administrators and faculty debate proposal to change unit value of key courses.



LSF sponsors Chavez Day festivities

University plans events to celebrate the life of the famous social activist.

Faculty enjoy Huntington privileges

Four professors are approved to conduct their research at the famed library.

News Briefs

photo by Liz Lucsko

University of La Verne junior Sara Kirk had no luck trying to contact Derek Wendt, senior, about the damage to his Honda Civic on Monday. Campus Safety was called immediately to investigate. At least one other car was also vandalized.