Oaks wins contest
Posted March 28, 2008

Another Harry Potter Week event that students participated in was the Twisted Maze, which was held Wednesday in Davenport.

The Twisted Maze consisted of a scavenger hunt of unsolved riddles, where students explored the ULV campus as they looked for clues.
About 25 students attended the scavenger hunt.

“It was really fun running around and looking for things,” Stephanie Fuentes, a sophomore sociology major said.

Fuentes is not a dedicated Harry Potter fan but it did not prevent her from attending the event.

Fuentes said that the hunt had her adrenaline pumping, which made the hunt much more interesting.

The teams were separated into four groups. Each group was divided based on which dorm they resided in and which students were commuters. They received a list of clues that would help them to the end of their excursion.

Campus Activity Board Games and Recreation Chair Claire Bodenhoefer was glad the students came to participate. She understands that many students are still in spring break mode but still managed to contribute to Harry Potter Week.

“It was a fun competition that was able to bring the La Verne community together,” Bodenhoefer said.

Bodenhoefer anticipates that next year will be more successful and that more students will participate.

“It was really fun,” Brandy Diep, a freshman liberal studies major said.
Diep is a true Harry Potter fan, keeping up with all the books and movies.

She enjoys Harry Potter for the fantasy based theme where magic and supernatural forms exist. She said Harry Potter is an escape from the real world.

The Oaks residence hall won the scavenger hunt, earning 10 points for its team. With great team work they were able to prevail as winners.

Maxtla Benavides can be reached at mbenavides@ulv.edu.

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