‘Dr. Trance’ mesmerizes students

Posted March 30, 2007
Rhiannon Mim
Investigating the art of hypnosis, Tiona Hobson, Sal Diaz and Christine Moitoso are under the subconscious spell of Dr. Trance. Fifteen University of La Verne students volunteered to become the stars of the show and performed while in a complete trance. Brian Dean, better known as Dr. Trance, is a certified hypnotherapist known for his hypnosis stage show which he has performed at many colleges throughout the United States. Dr. Trance performs at corporate events and on cruise lines.

It was a hypnotizing night of fun and laughter at the University of La Verne on March 22.
Certified hypnotherapist, Dr. Trance, captivated the audience of Founders Auditorium with his mind boggling hypnotism on 15 volunteers from the audience.

“It’s fun,” Sam Dauz, Campus Activities Board special events chair, said. “We [at CAB] figured that a hypnotist would be something different.”

The 15 student volunteers were randomly selected from the audience to participate in the night’s entertainment.

“My favorite part is never knowing how it’s going to turn out,” Dr. Trance said.

“No two shows are ever the same because no two subconscious minds react the same,” he said.

The adventure began on the perfect paradise island that went from relaxing and tranquil to uncomfortably hot and concluding in Alaska at below freezing temperatures for the hypnotized student participants.

Dr. Trance opened the performance with specific rules for the participants.
They had to be in good health, have outgoing, active personalities and in good mental conditions, he said.

“I never know what kind of reaction I’m going to get,” Dr. Trance said.
Dr. Trance has been a certified hypnotherapist for 10 years traveling the world with his show.

He said that he performs at around 30 college campuses, 25 corporate events and cruise lines during the year.

The audience was roaring with laughter as the proclaimed “stars of the show” acted out their specific roles from the laughter police to the girl with a crush on Dr. Trance.

“I keep hearing about all of the stuff I did,” freshman Ben McDonough said. “I just remember being really mad.”

McDonough was transformed into the ultimate police officer with the job of combating any laughter without the use of violence or curse words but was given a new vocabulary including “pop tart” and “fluffy bunny.”

Audience members heckled Officer McDonough, who responded with an angry tone and threatened to kick the front out of the auditorium.

“What I remember was fun,” Tiona Hobson, a junior communications major said. “I only remember certain parts.”

Hobson reacted to the laughter and applause as praise for being the star of the show.

The show lasted almost two hours with non-stop fun and laughter.

“I’ve wanted to see a hypnotist since we [CAB] came back from the National Association of Campus Activities,” Kristina Vaughn, games and recreation/ intramural committee chair said.

“It was so crazy,” Dauz said. “I think it went well; people are still talking about it.”

Be sure to look out for “Viva La Verne,” an event to say goodbye to the Old Gym on May 16.

Marilee Lorusso can be reached at mlorusso@ulv.edu.

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‘Dr. Trance’ mesmerizes students

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