Fresh faces come to ‘Spotlight on ULV’

Posted March 30, 2007
Christina Carter
Prospective freshmen gathered on the University of La Verne campus Saturday for “Spotlight on ULV.” Among the academic hopefuls in attendance, Maritza Ramirez, Tony Taboada, Wisdom Liu and Corbin Toogood listened intently to group leaders Kaitlin Eckert and Victoria Dockett as they answered questions about the University.

Saturday, the campus was full of prospective students and their parents as the University of La Verne hosted its annual “Spotlight on ULV.”

This event gives admitted students and their families an opportunity to take an inside look at what lies ahead during their college years at the University of La Verne.

For the first time ever, the event did not run the usual length of the weekend, but rather, was limited to one day.

The reason for this, said Jessica Martin, admissions counselor, was to ensure a good parent turnout.

The fear was that an overnight stay would not be as appealing to parent visitors.

“We felt it was really important to get parents involved,” Martin said. “Before, there was no parent agenda.”

The plan worked, since 170 admitted students and 550 total attendees showed up, making it the biggest turnout ever.

The day’s agenda included a welcome address for all, followed by the division of students and parents.

Students were divided into small groups, while their parents went off to learn about financial aid, housing and had the opportunity to ask questions to a faculty panel.

Meanwhile, the prospective students engaged in ice breaker activities, participated in mock classes and were familiarized with different campus programs such as study abroad and athletics.

They also had an opportunity to see the dorms, dining hall and had the chance to find out about life here at ULV from current students.

Prospective student Eric Aguilar said he chose the University of La Verne because “their academic reputation is phenomenal.”

Aguilar is currently a student at Northview High School in Covina, and also added that, “I like (the campus) because it’s small, you get the chance to talk one-on-one (to professors) and it’s beautiful here.”

Tyler Cantu, a student from La Quinta High School, is also attracted to the small campus feel.

“Everyone that comes here seems really involved…I really like the small classroom sizes,” Cantu said.

Family members also enjoyed their day of “Spotlight” and were grateful for the opportunity to see what the University of La Verne is all about.

“I wanted to see how this relates to my daughter…and get a feel of the campus,” Trisha Hanna, ULV parent said.

Hanna’s daughter Bree comes from Victorville and has an interest in the ULV women’s soccer team.

Students showing an interest in athletics listened to William Darity, sports information director, explain what athletes can expect and look forward to at ULV.

ULV students who have participated in the study abroad program shared their experiences with the “Spotlight” visitors who expressed an interest in the program.

The day would not have been complete without a barbecue and a club fair, where the extracurricular college life was on display.

It was important to the event coordinators that the visitors see every aspect of what the next four years may hold.

Nora Logsdon, another Northview High School student entering this fall, can’t wait to attend the University of La Verne.

“I feel comfortable and accepted…when you call to ask questions, you can tell they really want to help you,” Logsdon said, “I feel like I connected with La Verne.”

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