The Bold and the Beautiful

Posted March 31, 2006
Kourtney Brumfield
You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to transform your everyday makeup style into a creative and bold look. Practicing and experimenting with colors, styles and techniques can help you create any look you desire. “You never know what looks good until you take a risk, especially with contrasting colors that are vivid and lively.” freshman Mey Dimowo said.

Katie Hillier
Staff Writer

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This spring trends in makeup are widening those windows with some daring colors to give spring eyes a hint of glamour.

Eye shadows and lipsticks seem to get a boost of color to ring in the new season, and this spring proves to be no different.

Plush pomegranate and bright tangerine are just a few of the eye-popping colors found in stores like Sephora and Aveda.
Recently L’Oreal debuted a new line of products called High Intensity Pigments, which consist of vibrant hues.

HIP creates a vibrantly dramatic style that is ideal for spicing things up this season.

“I personally would use bright colors and makeup trends for special occasions rather than for everyday,” said Ashley Ince, a senior liberal studies major. “If you start wearing dramatic makeup everyday, it’s not dramatic anymore and it doesn’t make it as special.”

It seems that these makeup trends are more realistic for a night on the town rather than a day in the classroom.

However many brands are pairing these flashy colors with nude shades – like Aveda’s “pink vapor” lip glaze – to balance these looks.

Though brightly colored shades have always lined the counters at MAC, this spring the application is different.

Electric plum eye shadows are being combined with thick eyeliner to give the eyes an even bolder look.

To achieve this look, makeup artists apply eye shadow beneath the brow bone, as well as a sweep of eyeliner along the inner rim of the lower lash line.

This gives the eye an extra boost, which can be very enlightening and put people in the spirit of spring.

Spring is always the time to break out of winter’s hibernation and explore new splashes of color, but sometimes these trends can be a little overwhelming to the general public.

“I think (makeup) brings out a lot of insecurities because some people are religious about having makeup on,” said Tiona Hobson, a sophomore communications major. “They tend to think it’s part of their face and that they’re not complete without it.”

These trends are fun for spring, but many times they can be a little over the top.

Many University of La Verne students choose to save their electric shades of lipstick and eye shadows for the evening’s escapades.

“When I go out at night I’ll wear crazy makeup, but during the day I try to keep it to a minimum,” said Kelsey Franklin, a junior communications major.

Along with bright shades come many new trends in application. Makeup is all about experimenting and finding your own personal style.

To get a Cover Girl look, apply a vibrant blue eye shadow to the lines just beneath your lower lashes and top it off with some chunky mascara.

If you are a party girl, line your eyes with a bright purple eye shadow and then top them off with a nude color all over the lids and into the creases and this will electrify your look.

However if you tend to keep things natural, try applying a bronze or gold liner to your upper and lower lids and then dust a light peach shadow all over the lids and up to the brow bone. This look will get the mood right without exaggerating your personal style.

This season trends in eye shadows and liners are abundant, and with many blushes and glosses to go along with them; it’s no wonder that beauty trends this spring are leaping onto desiring faces.

Lipstick is one trend to watch out for, whether it’s combing a velvet red gloss along with glam rock eyes or pairing a pouty nude with smoky lids, lipstick is the icing on the face for spring.

The last ingredient for a trendy spring face is glowing pink and bronze blushes. Whether it’s a cheek stain from Tarte or a matte bronzer from Cargo, this spring’s cheeks are looking ripe with color.

Every season makeup trends change based on fashion, society or new technology, and it is important to note these changes in trends with the change in society.

This season is full of vivacious hues that reflect a general feeling of power.

Katie Hillier can be reached at

The Bold and the Beautiful

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