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April 1, 2005

photo by Chrissy Zehrbach

With the personal belief that one’s image portrays how a person feels about himself, sophomore Gerard Kiamco enjoys shopping and likes to dress fashionably. He says the entertainment industry places a lot of pressure on society to look good.

Metro styles dominate male trends

Men find new ways of looking good with this season's fashions.

Vintage garments, styles are better than ever

Second-hand stores can offer a treasure trove of fashion finds.

Cell phone etiquette is a necessity

Experts offer tips on using phones and mobile devices in public.

Take a slice of p

Mathematically-minded folks kick off the spring Pi Day.

Colleges going up in smoke

Studies find an increase in tobacco usage among the college-age population.

Local woman lights candle business

Angela Kosbab begins a new life with a new focus.

Video Game Review: ‘God of War’ fights competition

The new fighting game offers an intriguing wrinkle on the genre.


Think you know what to do in a crisis? Think again, say the experts.

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