Campus Times
April 1, 2005

photo by Yelena Ovcharenko

Just outside the Campus Safety and Transportation Department, Michael Nunez, assistant director of campus safety and transportation, hops into the recently donated Ford F150 pick-up truck to run an errand. Other programs, such as the athletics department and the purchasing department, use the truck to transport bulky equipment as well.

Top Stories

Methane causes ACB evacuation

A build-up of the noxious gas shuts down the building for about an hour.

The sun finally returns to SoCal

The Southland appears to have seen the last of rainfall for the season.



Doc chronicles ‘Black 14’

Activist Niyi Coker presents the film and discusses the African American experience.

Commentary: Stress of war hits home

Mike Senyo, staff writer, chronicles the personal impact of the war in Iraq.

Panel discusses euthanasia bill

A proposed California law could mimic Oregon's right-to-die statute.

Plan calls for 4-year finish

Administrators float the idea of guaranteeing that students can finish their ULV degrees in four years.

Seminar addresses women’s faith

The Los Angeles International Church of Christ hosts the annual gathering at the Fairplex.

University plans to rebuild historic Hanawalt

Although details are still sketchy, administrators intend to reopen the landmark.

Professors promote their published pieces

The Celebration of Books focuses on faculty authorship.

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