Campus Times
March 26
, 2004

photo by Jessica Valerio

The Commuter Fair offered different inflatable air games and booths brought by various clubs and organizations on campus Wednesday. The Associated Students Federation Forum sponsored the sumo wrestling inflatable mat. Several students lined up to wrestle one another. Freshman John Drayer looks out for friend Raymond Kodaker after a fall on the mat.

Top Stories

ASF prez to serve 2nd term

Travis Berry is re-elected at ASF president in an election that saw one of the highest voter turnouts in recent years.

Travel scams target college students

A study finds average unadvertised mark-ups of 62 percent on spring break travel packages.



Fair entertains commuters

The annual Commuter Fair gives non-resident students a chance to play around on campus.

MEChA to start chapter

Organizers hope to bring the Chicano-awareness group to campus.

Annual festival postponed

The International Festival is put off until fall in response to budget concerns.

Comm. students win prestigious awards

Journalism and television students win national honors from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and regional accolades from the Society of Professional Journalists.