Intramural ends with dark twist
Posted April 3, 2009
Stephanie Arellanes
Samuel Adams does a lay-up as John Leggett and Steven Manila of the opposing team converge to get the rebound. The basketball intramurals are composed of players who are athletic and non-athletic within the ULV community. Leggett and Manila’s team defeated Adams’ on March 26.

Lauryl Bakke
Staff Writer

Although La Verne’s basketball season has come to an end, the sounds of bouncing balls, squeaking shoes and cheers could still be heard from the gym this past week as students participated in intramural basketball.

The Campus Activities Board hosted a two week tournament of basketball games that all La Verne students could participate in. Each team had to include a captain and a team name. The first four teams to sign up were awarded shirts to wear for the games.

On the first day several teams turned out eager to play.

“I am pumped up to play, because I love playing basketball and getting the chance to play people I know and have fun with it,” senior political science major Paul Bennett said.

Students lined the bleachers for a chance to see their favorite team or players show off their skills on the court and the energy and excitement filled the gym.

“I am really happy about the turnout and excited that so many people are supporting this CAB event,” junior business major and CAB Major Events Co-Chairwoman Naime Laskar said.

The tournament consisted of four nights. There were three nights of games to determine the standings and the final night for the semi-finals and championship game.

Instead of having an elimination style tournament, it was made into a points ranking system giving teams the chance to play all three nights.

After each night the points were tallied and the rankings were made based on which teamed scored the most points all the way down to which one scored the least.

After all three days were tallied and added up, the top four teams advanced into the semi-finals.

The first night on March 17 went off without a hitch and generated a big turnout of people coming to see what the event was all about and how good the teams actually were.

The second night on March 19, was cut short because the lights in the gym shutting off at midnight, cutting off the last few minutes of the final teams’ game.

This did not deter the players, however, it just made them more competitive and determined for the next nights round of games.

By the last night of the intramurals on March 26, it was down to the four top teams of the tournament, FASTBREAK, Phi-Delts, Mon-Stars and Brizzle.

All teams were pumped up and ready to play with the title of champions so close to their reach.

“This is really exciting, I am glad this event was such a success and that my team is in the semifinals,” junior Brizzle team member and CAB Vice Chairwoman Erika Barajas said.

Each game lasted 20 minutes and the team that won advanced to the finals. The final two teams to advance were the Phi-Delts and FASTBREAK. Both teams were determined to win.

“This was a fun event, my team came out to win and we made it all the way to the championship, it doesn’t get better than that,” junior communications major, Phi-Delta team member and CAB Films Chairman Chris Weedon said.

In the end it turned out to be a draw, awarding the last two teams co-championship titles due to campus security shutting off the lights at midnight.

Although both teams were determined to finish off the game even in the dark, it was decided to award both teams medals.

“I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I just feel bad that there had to be co-champions. Lets hope intramural dodgeball is just as fun,” senior Spanish major and CAB Intramurals Chairman Adan Jaime said.

And so as the lights turned off in the gym and the last few fans made their way out of the gym, the CAB intramural basketball tournament came to an end after a successful round of games and a big turnout.

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