Web Exclusive:
Phi Sigma Sigma shoots hoops for kidneys
Posted April 3, 2009
Carmin Hermosillo
Staff Writer

The Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority hosted its fourth annual philanthropical Rock-n-Jock basketball tournament Wednesday night.

The event, which began as a spin-off from the sorority’s annual 24-hour Rock-a-Thon that is held in the fall, raised money for the sorority’s charity, the National Kidney Foundation. Admission was $1, and there were also snacks and drinks for sell that contributed to the charity.

“It's a time for everyone to have fun and bond but also make money for our foundation.” Ashley Rodriguez, junior business major, said.

It was a good turnout for the sorority, with approximately 100 people in attendance.

The entrance of the gym was lined with supporters and while socializing and enjoying the music they were also cheering on the basketball games. At any one time there were about three games going at once. Players either took turns to play a game or played as long as the liked. Each game lasted no more than 30 minutes.

Some of the Phi Sigma Sigma members were also rocking away in rocking chairs.

“It was fun. We lost, but it was a lot of fun. It was for a good cause,” Donna Catota, senior psychology major, said.

“I like the diversity of people who are here,” Jonathan Elias, sophomore history/philosophy major, said. “I definitely would recommend coming to this event. It's for a good cause and also a good chance to socialize.”

For more information about the National Kidney Foundation or upcoming Phi Sigma Sigma events, visit greek.ulv.edu/~phisig/.

Carmin Hermosillo can be reached at carmin.hermosillo@laverne.edu.

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Web Exclusive:
Phi Sigma Sigma shoots hoops for kidneys

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