No change to housing rate
Posted April 3, 2009
Angie Marcos
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne’s housing rates will remain the same this upcoming fall semester, Eugene Shang, assistant director of housing, said.

“We’re trying to work with students to keep the cost of housing down,” Shang said.

Beginning April 13 students will be able to reserve their rooms for the fall semester.

“It’s about the experience of living on campus,” Shang said, regarding the unchanged price for housing.

One new change in the housing application process is the ability for students of the University to choose their own rooms. “The University used to choose their rooms before,” said Community and Resident Assistant Cassie Hobbs, a liberal studies major.

While the housing cost is remaining the same, the meal plans will experience changes, Shang said.

Although details are still being worked out regarding the different meal plans and their prices, there will be different meal plans available for commuters and law school students, General Manager Justin McGruder, said.

“Davenport will close on Saturdays,” McGruder said.

It will also only serve dinner on Sundays. A continental breakfast will only be available for students in the mornings during the fall semester, McGruder said about the new changes concerning Davenport Dining Hall.

These changes will take place because of the opening of the Campus Center, which will instead offer students breakfast during the week and meals on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Students can still use their card at the Campus Center,” McGruder said.

Those students who are interested in applying for housing for the upcoming fall semester need to pay a $150 fee to the Student Accounts office, located in Woody Hall. The fee, which is a room reservation fee, will cover the application and activities fees, Hobbs said.

Next, the student needs to complete a housing application, which can be found at, Hobbs said.

The application, as well as the receipt confirming payment from the Student Accounts office, will then have to be turned in to the Housing office.

Once the application is turned in, the Housing office will give the applicant a date and time to come in for their room assignment, Shang said.

Also a part of the housing application process, 20 randomly chosen students who turn in their housing applications April 13-17 will receive a discount for the semester.

“Twenty students are going to be chosen and get five percent off of housing for the first semester,” Hobbs said.

Students who turn in applications early also have the chance to win gift cards, Shang said.

For more details on the housing application process, email or call 909-593-351l, ext. 4052.

Angie Marcos can be reached at

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