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Laughs abound for Key’s risqué act
Posted April 4, 2008
Seanette Garcia
From NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” comedian Kristin Key brought her standup routine to the University of La Verne on March 27 in Founders Auditorium. The Campus Activities Board sponsored the event.

Sounds of laughter echoed through University of La Verne’s Founders Auditorium last Thursday night with guest comedian Kristin Key.

The Campus Activities Board sponsored the event with the comedian who was featured in NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

The Amarillo, Texas, native and current Long Beach resident opened the show at 10 p.m.

“She won them over in the first five minutes,” CAB comedy chair Kristina Vaughn said.

The daughter of a preacher, Key joked about religion, marijuana, food, racial stereotypes and sexuality.

The well-known TV personality hardly needed an introduction as Key took the stage with a single mic, a bench stool and a guitar on its stand.

At times her jokes touched on possibly offensive topics, yet she seemed to maintain the flow of laughter from the fairly young audience.

“She talked about very risqué things. Some was funny but I definitely think it was too much at times,” senior computer science major Constance Mayaki said. “But when she talked about hovering, that was hella funny.”

Discussing the differences between female and male restrooms, Key imitated a woman hovering over the toilet, not wanting to get germs by sitting on the seat.

Key also joked about guy’s not being able to aim when going to the bathroom.

“How can a guy pee in a bottle in the car but not the toilet bowl?” Key said.
Audience members laughed and nodded.

“Her material was aimed toward the crowd; she was able to connect well to the relatively young audience,” Vaughn said.

Not forgetting to add a quick MySpace punch line, Key spoke about a break-up being harder now-a-days, due to the fact that you now must spend half an hour on MySpace changing your relationship status and blogging about it.

Key also played guitar to accompany several of her jokes, including songs titled, “Taking a Poop,” “Passive Aggressive” and an earth-friendly melody that had audience members clapping and laughing.

After the show some fans waited to take pictures with Key, and she conversed about comedy and made small talk with them.

“It was a very great experience to see the personality off the camera,” ULV coordinator of admission operations Matthew Luna said.

The free show brought a crowd of more than 120.

“It was great to come to a show free of charge and not have to get the two drink minimum,” CAPA administrative assistant Lisa Aguirre said.

After the show while taking a smoke break, which she also did in her act about being bored in church, Key spoke about how she has gotten to where she is today.

Before getting her big break in Austin, Texas, for “Last Comic Standing,” Key said she moved to Austin because her former comedy spot had been shut down. Everything happens for a reason, she said.

About her act, Key explained that she likes to cross boundaries.

“It is always good to exercise freedom of speech. Everything I do is for comedy,” Key said.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/kristinkey.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at dlampkin@ulv.edu

Laughs abound for Key's risque act

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