Bands rock ULV for April Fool’s
Posted April 4, 2008
Rhiannon Mim
Three bands battled it out Tuesday night in Founders Auditorium for the chance to win a $500 gift card to Guitar Center. The Battle of the Bands included the third place punk band Dacian from Glendora and featured junior Jake Richards on vocals, backed up by Randy Ray on bass. The group, The Most Unnecessary, took first place and the Vinyls scored second place, winning a $250 gift card.

Jaclyn Mittman
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board hosted a battle of the bands on Tuesday to keep the music alive on campus and give students the chance to show off their musical talent.

The battle began at 10 p.m. and admission was free.

Although there was a relatively small turnout, filling only the front two rows, attendees were still enthusiastic to support the other bands and student musicians.

“We did a battle of the bands last year,” Dylan Haro, CAB concerts chairman, said. “We are going to try and make this an annual thing.”

Not only were a majority of the seats left empty, but there were only three bands who actually competed.

The bands had an eclectic mix of indie, rock and hardcore.

The bands that performed were the Vinyls, Dacian and The Most Unnecessary.

The battle of the bands was not just for fun and games, it was a competition to win a first and second prize.

First prize was a $500 gift card to Guitar Center, second prize was a $250 gift card to Guitar Center and third prize was a bag of pom-poms.

The Vinyls started off the battle with their easy-going songs that had an indie feel to them.

In between the bands Haro took the microphone to enlighten the crowd with some music trivia.

The trivia focused on the Beatles and Led Zepplin, and only a few of the audience members showed support to Haro’s facts.

“No need to humor me,” Haro said to the audience. “I only request that if you say ‘boo,’ say it with enthusiasm.”

Following Haro’s trivia and jokes was The Most Unnecessary.

The band covered songs by Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age.

The lead guitarist showed off his skills with his riveting solos and got the crowd staring in awe.

The last band to perform was Dacian, who provided rather interesting quirks to their performance.

The lead singer, ULV student Jake Richards, came onstage wearing track pants and stunned the crowd when he ripped them off to display “April Fools” written down his legs.

Underneath his track pants were very short shorts that showed off the day’s theme.

“This last band was uncomfortable and even awkward to watch because of his shorts,” Ebby Safari, a La Verne resident, said.

During one of the songs Dacian was performing, Richards jumped off stage to get the crowd going and had two audience members join him in singing, or rather screaming, the song.

Unfortunately after Richards jumped off the stage, the microphone cord got unplugged.

However, they quickly plugged the cord back in and went back to screaming the rest of the song.

Dacian is a hardcore band and greatly differed from the two other bands that performed.

Richards had a black “x” on each hand to show off his belief in straight edge, a sub-culture that takes a stand against sex, drugs and alcohol.

After all of the performances, the judges deliberated their decisions. Haro announced the winners as all three bands stood on stage awaiting the final outcome.

The Hollow took home second prize and The Most Unnecessary won first place, only leaving Dacian with the grand pity prize: the bag of pom-poms.

“This was a great way for us to get our name out in the public,” Alex Lorenzen, guitarist for Dacian said.

Every band had at least one member who is a student at ULV and the bands appreciated the school holding this event.

“Our vocalist goes to ULV,” Lorenzen said. “But it was a great opportunity to compete.”

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Bands rock ULV for April Fool's


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