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Campus Times
April 1, 2005

photo by Reina Santa Cruz

Violinist Paul Stein explained to his young audience the importance of listening for the right sounds. Stein talked about the violin and the terms used for the sounds the violin makes, such as “popcorn” and “black cat” to Max Novak, Matthew Alvarez, Isabelle Cheng and Lucas Del Toro, who gathered Saturday for the Kids Music Club in Founders Auditorium. Stein has been with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra since 1981.

Kids Club enjoys some Fancy Fiddlin’

Violinist Paul Stein mixes fun with education in performance.

Senior theses light up the stage

Students perform theses at the Cabaret Theatre.

Exhibits on Africa, female sexuality impress

Proverbs set the standard for behavior and lifestyle.