Comedian gets down and dirty
Posted April 13, 2007
Rhiannon Mim
When K.T. Tatara isn’t doing his stand-up routine, he likes to scratch records and play the piano. This 27-year-old comedian joked about drunken girls and about being half Asian and half white. He has been to more than 50 clubs and colleges across the country as part of the “New Generation of Comedy” tour.

Comedian K.T. Tatara, who is also known as “the Poon Sensei,” offered up some interesting insights on life late Wednesday night at the final comedy show of the year.

He covered everything from sex and spitting game to racism and roommates.

The expression “too much information” could sum up the event.

Lucky for the few students who made it out to the event, Tatara’s penis size was revealed several times throughout the show. At any point he felt the audience’s attention slipping, he would refer back to his endowment.

Despite the small audience and what could be considered a lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, Tatara worked well with what he had.

He made the small crowd laugh for most of his performance.

Students could be seen stretched out over two and three chairs and even though they were smiling they just did not seem to be excited.

Even though most of the students probably should have stayed in bed, Campus Activities Board Comedy Chair Sam Toia was excited to have Tatara on campus.

“I have seen him perform before and I talked to him for like an hour the other day,” Toia said. “He is just a really cool, laid-back guy. I wish more people could have come out to see him.”

Because Greek Week practices have begun to consume the lives of the many on campus, the attendance was almost a quarter of the size of the last two comedians.

Compared to the previous two comedians Tatara, was a bit more on the raunchy side, with over a half an hour of anal sex jokes. He even mentioned that he knew the fact that he was dirty would make the newspaper.

“I just want to make it known that I was very offended by how dirty the people in the audience are,” Tatara said as he pointed directly at the photojournalist in the front row. “All of you sitting out there laughing at all the anal sex jokes, its disturbing.”

A group of male students sat in the back and were laughing hysterically at the graphic jokes. They joked with one another after the event and rehashed some of his material.

“Seve’s favorite part of the show was the anal sex jokes,” freshman Giovanni Nabors said as he punched his friend Seve Villarreal in the arm.

Even though the audience was small Tatara made an effort to relate to the students. When a certain set of jokes did not fly with the students, he switched it up until he found something that did.

“I liked how he targeted the college crowd,” Villarreal said. “He knew what we liked and he catered to it.”

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Comedian gets down and dirty

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