Three up-and-comers share soulful sounds
Posted April 13, 2007

Upland’s local renovated venue, The Wire, seems to do just what its name says, wire up down to earth artists for a mellow evening with a couple of friends.

Three local underground artists, Jeremy Adamiak, Thom Cadger and Joel Ceballos, played at The Wire, at 7 p.m on March 30.

The crowd composed mainly of teens and adults in their early twenties seemed fairly entertained, lip syncing to most of the songs.

The first to play was the young Jeremy Adamiak.

Although his love lyrics seemed to be very honest, his mouth was so close to the microphone that it was easier to understand the static coming from the microphone than his actual performance.

The only part of his mini concert that was interesting was when he got the crowd to sing the happy birthday song to his aunt.

Adamiak confesses that he has always been a singer.

He started playing the guitar around the age of 14. He explored his musical talent and began performing. He first started playing in garage bands.

Next he began playing once a month at Sweet Daddy’s, a small coffee shop in Glendora.

Since then he has gone on to bigger things, playing venues such as The Wire.

Adamiak played a couple of his songs from his featured album, “Love, Story, Hero.” The songs from his newest project were about life’s experiences.

Adamiak admits to playing music for the love of it, hoping that listeners will be able to connect to his songs.

In between a short intermission and the selling of Adamiak’s featured album, an older crowd invaded the venue.

Cadger of the Wilderfolk was up next. He played a couple of songs, but the two songs that got most of the crowd’s attention were “Room to Breathe” and “Underwear.”

“He had a really thunderous voice; it was very similar to Nickelback’s,” said Stephanie Holling, a Cal State Fullerton student who attended the show. “I really liked it.”

When Cadger introduced “Underwear,” the crowd roared and whistled, as if Cadger himself or someone from the audience was running around in their boxers.

The featured song included a guitar solo that was just simply incredible, so incredible that a few members of the crowd closed their eyes to let their ears absorb the melodious music.

Cadger’s raspy voice was complemented by the mellow sounds of the acoustic guitar.

In practically every song, Cadger was sure to include solos with his guitars. These sounds entered the ear and echoed on for a while.

Aside from being a wonderful artist, Cadger was also a crowd pleaser. He would crack jokes in the middle of his songs.

Some of the crowd members were most likely close friends, they sassed back to his every joke.

After another intermission, Ceballos was up. The crowd seemed to be anxious to listen to his performance.

Ceballos, like all the other artists promised wonderful music.

On his MySpace profile he has several singles that give proof to his fantastic music. “Light The Sky,” his featured song is a cross between indie and rock.

The song includes a few short instrumental solos that make the listener feel as if he or she is in a relaxed-daydreaming state of mind.

Ceballos writes in his myspace profile that he has performed all over Southern California for the past six years.

He also mentions that performing is a way of giving a part of himself while receiving the hearts of the audience.

Ceballos has an upcoming new release for this year called “Nocturnal.”

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Three up-and-comers share soulful sounds

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