Students rock Old Gym for NKF

Posted April 13, 2007
Seanette Garcia
In a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation, Phi Sigma Sigma sorority invited athletes and non-athletes to compete in a night of Rock ‘n’ Jock basketball held at the Old Gym March 27. With a slam-dunk, John Ward, a player from off campus, was among 50 to 60 participants who each paid $2 to play or $1 to watch the games. The event raised $445 for the Foundation which will be donated by the women of the sorority.

Students and supporters raised $445 at the second annual Rock ‘ n’ Jock held at the Old Gym on March 27 to support the National Kidney Foundation.
Phi Sigma Sigma put on the event and by 10:30 p.m. the gym was packed.

Those who attended were asked to donate $1 to attend and watch all of the action of the night and $2 to participate and play basketball.

The event began at 10 p.m. and, by then, the Old Gym had already begun to fill with excited supporters ready to show off their cool moves and donate to a good cause.

Shanae Diaz, a sophomore political science major and member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority was more than excited about the turnout.

“We’ll be approaching 150 people by 10:30 p.m.,” Diaz said, “Hopefully 200 to 250.”

Other supporters who came out to play took their opportunity seriously.
The games were played as if they were real basketball games, not just practice sessions with two student volunteers acting as referees.

The games were five-on-five and 10 minutes long in order to give as many people the opportunity to play.

Since the event was put on by Phi Sigma Sigma, a member of the sorority played on each side of the court during the games.

Members of Phi Sigma Sigma also sold snacks in the stands staying true to the games’ professional feel.

A group of students also gathered around a boom box to entertain and get the crowd excited with upbeat music and dancing.

Throughout the night it was not unusual to see individuals or groups of people dancing on the side of the court and many others bopping along to the music in the stands.

Those in attendance were not all University of La Verne students.

The event drew supporters from other schools and surrounding areas.

“I am excited to come and play,” Davake Ware, a sophomore attending Mt. San Antonio College said.

Ware heard of the event through his ex-girlfriend, a Phi Sigma Sigma member.

He said that he was more than happy to come out and support the National Kidney Foundation.

The event was an obvious success, not only because of the number of people who attended, but also due to the attitude and the excitement which ran high throughout the building and the night.

Students were on the sidelines warming up, playing “air-ball” against each other and getting one another pumped up as if they were about to play a National Basketball Association game.

Mercy Faith Kimbwala was happy to say that that this year’s Rock ‘n’ Jock event was better than last year’s.

“(This year) has grown substantially,” said Kimbwala, a senior business and marketing major.

Phi Sigma Sigma had its booth set up at the front door.

The members were ecstatic to talk about the event and how the donations work and where the money will go.

This event along with the support of all of the participants and enthusiasts raised the money in just a few short hours.

The proceeds will first be sent to Phi Sigma Sigma.

The sorority will then donate the proceeds to the National Kidney Foundation.

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Students rock Old Gym for NKF

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