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Put your best foot forward
Posted April 13, 2007
Leah Heagy
Along with sunglasses, oversized bags and jewelry, colorful and expressive shoes are among the must-have accessories this spring. Designer brands such as Steve Madden and Dollhouse sell wedges, platforms and flat shoes – just some of the most popular fashion trends.

You never know the true story of someone’s life until you walk a mile in her shoes.

At least this season’s shoe trends will allow you to turn that mile into a runway so that you can strut your stuff in style.

Color, graphic detail, metallic gold and silver and romanticism are reminiscent of the spring trends for clothing and shoe trends follow in suit.

Shoe trends are not as simple, for the possibilities are endless.

Flats, heels, sandals, sneakers and wedges are the temptation of choice for designers.

How do they pick their poison?

That question is simple, because they do not have to choose.

Designers apply the trends to all types of shoes.

This means there is something for everyone.

There are no excuses for not wearing the most stylish shoes this season.

The obvious trends of nautical and fun flirty sandals with cherries or leopard print on the foot bed are always around.

But this year it is time to break away from the norm and take a fashion leap.

The stand out trends for spring in the shoe world, among many other, are of course color, color and more color, embellishments, futuristic and romanticism.

“Bright colors not necessarily pastels,” said Ashley Greely, a fashion merchandising major at Cal State Long Beach.

Color translates into green, purple, red, royal blue and teal.

The star that shines the brightest out of all the spring color possibilities is yellow.

Color has the ability to enhance your mood and your feet should not be excluded from this.

To be a spring trend overachiever, buy shoes that have color combinations, such as platforms with brown, red and teal straps.

“Flats will stay in forever,” said Jackie Lopez, co-manager of Cathy Jean shoe store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

As tall girls are rejoicing with the news that flats are here to stay, this means each season flats are going to be new and improved.

This year flats are all about embellishments.

Every shoe needs a makeover and the addition of charms, jewels, large buttons, pendants, sequins and studs add a little extra pep to the flat’s step.

Fast forward twenty years and, ironically, there are the spring shoe trends that are popular today.

The futuristic look is all about being bold in your shoe choice.

An ankle strap, metallic gold and silver, multiple straps, clear heals and straps and patent leather compliment this trend.

This spring shoe trend is not for the weary and there is the possibility of taking it over the edge and crossing the line to trashiness.

Not having anything to do with trashiness is the trend of romanticism.

Think garden tea party with a 21st century edge.

Crepe silk satin sandals with bows atop, flower brocade platforms, lacy flats and linen pumps are examples of the best representation of this trend.

Spring shoe trends do not have to stay within their own genre.

They can also have the ability to mix and match.

“One thing I think that is really neat about spring is that they are incorporating a lot of feminine characteristics with a lot of hard materials like chains, metal and leather,” Greely said.

Mixing two trends and still making it look sensible is taking spring trends to the next level.

It is also important to experiment and come up with fabulous combinations.

The great debate continues of whether it is a fashion faux pas to wear boots when there is obviously not a chill in the air and the sun is shining brightly.

“I wear boots all year around,” Kelli Kasmir, head designer for Groove Footwear, said. “However no boots with fur inside because it is a little too hot outside.”

Boots are a trend that can be carried over from fall, but should be limited to special occasions and going out at night.

As a designer Kasmir receives inspiration from all over such as shopping overseas and domestically, observing her peers and magazines.

It is important to keep an eye out because there are fashion inspirations everywhere.

Those of you already preparing for fall trends, two words: ankle boots.

Michelle Ajemian can be reached at majemian@ulv.edu.

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