CAB hosts Sardines
Posted April 17, 2009
Carmin Hermosillo
Staff Writer

Sardines, a twist on the traditional game of hide and go seek, was the activity du jour Tuesday as the Campus Activities Board hosted the playful event in sneaky park after dark.

The objective of the game is for a team of two to hide together while opposing pairs look for them.

When one of the seeking pairs finds the participants that are hiding, the pairs hide together.

While the game proved a raukus time in past, with 20-30 participants, this year only four played the goofy game.

And though turnout was low:

“We did as much as we could with the event, this event was fun, it’s bonding time,” Jazmyne Lewis, a junior psychology major and CAB multicultural chairwoman, said.

Still, those who played said it was worth their while.

“It was fun and entertaining for those who were involved,” Naime Laskar, a junior business administration major and CAB major events chairwoman.

The seek began in Sneaky Park where CAB members and participants met.

Once the parameters and guidelines were explained, the opposing team headed out to find a hiding area.

“We hold these events to have some memorable experiences while in school,” Laskar said.

The parameters for the participants to hide where outside and around Davenport, Miller Hall and Founders Hall.

The opposing team hid while others waited anxiously to find their hiding place.

Davenport was the first area that they searched.

Then there was an intense search inside Founders Hall that led to the quad and around Miller Hall.

In an anxious attempt to find the opposing team every dark corner and staircase was checked.

Victory was achieved as the final spot was searched, behind the ULV shaped shrubs that hid the team.

After a 30 minute search everyone laughed and talked about the obvious place that no one thought to look in.

“It was a fun event, it was exciting at the end because they did not give up,” Wesley Lucas, a sophomore economics major, said.

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