Students follow the bouncing ball
Posted April 17, 2009
Sherazad Shaikh
Nobody was keeping score in the Ping-Pong match held in the Stu-Han lounge Tuesday. Daniel Perez, Josh Roach, Roy Merker and Dylan Haro are members of a new club on campus. The Ping-Pong and Table Tennis Club was formed simply because the members enjoy Ping-Pong, as well as pool and Playstation. The club meets Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Angie Marcos
Staff Writer

The Ping-Pong and Table Tennis Club made its official debut at the University of La Verne this spring.

Although the club unofficially began hosting Ping-Pong nights in the Stu-Han lounge during the fall semester, it has recently received official recognition from ASULV.

The club was founded by freshman Daniel Perez, club president; sophomore movement and sports science major Roy Merker, vice-president; and Dylan Haro, junior psychology major.

“It gives students an environment where they can have fun,” Perez said.

While other clubs are stressful because of the structured and demanding meetings, this club attracts its members because of the lack of them, Fatima Suarez, a sophomore criminology major and club member, said.

“It’s an atmosphere where people can relax, play and have a fun time,” Suarez said.

“There are about 15 members,” said Merker, who has been a competitive Ping-Pong player for six years. “The club does receive many visitors on the nights they meet, however.”

“We call them the Ping-Pong posse,” said Perez. “A couple of alumni, staff and housing directors come to watch,” he said.

The majority of those in attendance during the Ping-Pong matches do not play, they typically watch others play, Merker said.

“It is growing,” Suarez said of the size of the club. “It started with about four members and it’s increasing.”

The purpose of the club is to avoid the pressure of deadlines, Perez said.

Anyone in the University is able to join at any time and become a member of the Ping-Pong and Table Tennis Club so long as they are a student, staff member or alumnus.

The reason the club is titled the Ping-Pong and Table Tennis Club is because the two terms are similar, yet different, Merker said.

Ping-Pong is what people play for fun and entertainment with their friends. Table tennis, however, is a serious and competitive version of the sport, Merker said.

The club recently took a trip to Santa Monica to watch Merker play in a Ping-Pong tournament where other schools such as Cal State Fullerton and Santa Monica College also participated.

“We like to pride ourselves in our best player,” Perez said.

The club meets on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Stu-Han. The members encourage visitors to either join the club or watch the matches.

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Students follow the bouncing ball

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