Speaker offers advice
Posted April 17, 2009
Esmeralda M. Cardenas
Staff Writer

Emmy winning producer Laurie Tixier came to the University of La Verne to speak to journalism and broadcasting majors about the mass media industry.

Tixier, who is currently the vice president of Fox Alternative Entertainment, talked to students about her work in the media industry and the way the industry works.

“Producing is not for the faint of heart, you have to know that your job will end. If your show is not successful then your job will end,” Tixier said.

Tixier shared her past experiences in the industry with the students in the class as well as giving them pointers on how to do well in a job.

Tixier has worked on many shows for fox including American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Americas Best Dance Crew and the Teen Choice Awards.

Among the most important things she explained to the students is how hard you must work just to get to a higher position and to be trusted enough as a hard worker to do the job.

“I am where I am because of the networking and relationships I had kept when I started 20 years ago,” Tixier said.

Tixier was asked to come speak to students by her niece, Jessica Carrera, who is currently a student at ULV and is majoring in psychology.

“I wanted the class to see firsthand what it’s like to go find a job and what it’s really like to have to work to get to such a high place,” Carrera said.

The students heard stories from Tixier that made them understand just how hard it is inthe industry from being a newcomer to being a mother and woman.

An entry-level position engineer, Tixier entered KTTV, knowing very little, but worked her way up by listening to what others had to teach her.

Tixier’s time spent in college was worthwhile and she said it prepared her for her work.

Among the things she wanted students to understand was the importance of networking.

She emphasized the importance of being nice to people who are in similar industries and to always stay calm in any situation.

“She was very informative, and especially for those going into the field. She gave us a good perspective on what they should expect,” Kimberly Wingson, a senior liberal arts major, said.

Students had many questions regarding her past experiences from what she had accomplished already to what she plans on doing in the future.

She had listened to others and was taught to do things she would not have learned otherwise and she was able to find herself a much better position in which she excels today.

Esmeralda M. Cardenas can be reached at esmeralda.cardenas@laverne.edu.

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