Let’s all honor Earth Day
Posted April 18, 2008
Last spring the Campus Times provided a weekly series about environmental issues, but now we are asking that you take it upon yourself to seriously look at what can be done to help the environment. Perhaps in honor of Earth Day on Tuesday, we can ask you to follow a few simple steps and do your part to help.

First, recycle. There are so many recycling bins already scattered across campus. Now all you have to do is use them. Take the 30 seconds to look at what you have in your hands and dispose of it in the proper bin. The same thing applies when you are not on campus. They give you three different colored trash cans for a reason.

Next, carpool. In all honesty, who really likes to drive by themselves anyway? Coordinate schedules with family and friends, create a carpool schedule and stick to it. Not only will you be cutting down on noise and air pollution, but you will also be saving a few bucks. We all know how ridiculous gas prices are these days, so even if you aren’t particularly concerned about the environment, we do know that you are concerned about all of the extra money just being thrown into your gas tank. Come on, who isn’t?

If you are unable to find a carpool buddy or two, another way to help the environment and to save money is to embrace alternate forms of transportation. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters or even your feet will allow you to help the environment, save money and shed a few pounds.

Unfortunately, sometimes our desired destination is just too far and we must once again come up with an alternative public transportation. Yes, it’s not the most glamorous form of transportation but it is really not that bad either. Bring your iPod, a book or just people watch and you will be at your destination in no time. It is cheap, good for the environment and often times quite entertaining.

Some other simple ways to help the environment include reducing water and electricity usage.

Sometimes we like to indulge ourselves in long luxurious showers, but try to save them for those rough days; you might enjoy them more.

Otherwise hop in, lather up and get out. Also remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth. And for those people who can’t urinate without a little water running for motivation, get over it. When it comes to electricity, if you aren’t in the room or when you leave for class, turn off the lights, simple as that.

Finally, lets work on minimizing our paper usage. Use both sides of the paper, only make as many copies as you need and recycle it when you are done. As for the professors here on campus, let’s make a goal to move toward paperless classrooms. Blackboard and e-mail are pretty nifty features on campus, so let’s use them to their full advantage.

If we all do a little it will go a long way, so let’s get our campus and community to work together and make a difference.

Let's all honor earth day

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