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April 19, 2002

photo by Jennifer Contreras

After 12 years, the La Verne branch of the chain retail store Kmart will be shutting down due to the chain's bankruptcy. Kmart, the nation's third largest retailer, filed for bankruptcy on Jan. 22, and will be closing 284 stores nationwide, leaving 22,000 employees out of work. The La Verne branch, located on Foothill Boulevard, is one of 16 branches in California that will be shutting down permanently. The store currently is going through a sale process to sell all the inventory in stock. Prices have been reduced up to 70 percent and will possibly continue to be cut until the shelves are empty. It is then that the store will finally close its doors forever.

Top Stories

Author Bell discusses race issues

The ULV Master of Science in Leadership and management program, with the Women's Leadership Association, hosted a conversation and book signing on Monday with Ella Bell.

Site fights war on plagiarism

Plagiarism and cheating at both the high school and college levels has become a serious problem during the past 10 years.



Proposal made for new facilities redesign

The proposed plans for redesigning certain areas of the ULV campus are finally being seriously discussed by a planning commission.

Honors program offered to excelling students

The University of La Verne offers the Honors Program for students interested in being academically challenged.

Alpha Chi presents its newest chapter to student body

The national college honor society, Alpha Chi, honored 89 University of La Verne students three weeks ago in an induction ceremony held at La Fetra Auditorium.

GLBTA builds new foundation, name

Club changes name to Rainbow Alliance.

Diversity a main issue in course transformation

"Courses Transformation" are provided with a grant.

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