LV dodges dodgeball tourney
Posted April 20, 2007

One of the most popular intramural sports took place at 9 p.m. on April 12 in the Old Gym.

The game of dodgeball proves to be one of the most watched intramural sports at the University of La Verne, but this time it lacked its previous success.

The first game got underway with less than 35 spectators.

“There wasn’t as much publicity,” Ashley Mendez, a sophomore psychology major said.

Others had the same feeling toward the lack of advertisement.

“It started much earlier than usual and it wasn’t advertised as much,” Brittany Lokar, an undeclared freshman said.

Regardless, that didn’t stop the competition from going on.

Each game started with a team consisting of five men and one woman in a straight-line 15 feet away from the center of the court where six balls were placed. When the whistle blew it was a rush to the balls where the immediate attack begun.

Power throws bombarded the opposing teams. One by one each person was literally hit out of the game.

One star player, Beto Valle, a senior criminology major and a member of the men’s soccer team, used his own strategy to get through the games.

“I don’t throw the ball because I’m weak so I just sit back and wait for my teammates to catch it,” Valle said.

Graduate student Manny Lopez had a more simplistic idea of getting through the tournament.

“Don’t get hit at all,” Lopez said, which was exactly what he did.
In two of his team’s games, Lopez was the last one standing in each game.

More games had proceeded on and more action stimulated the roars of the small crowd.

One team found success and was led by freshman liberal studies major Giovanni Nabors. His team consisted mostly of members of the basketball team and included volleyball team member Tiona Hobson.

In their first game Nabors’ team had grabbed all the balls at the blow of the whistle and got an opponent out in the first 30 seconds.

The next opponent was out in the next minute.

Nabors’ team had won that game and eventually won the tournament. His team was rewarded with Intramural T-shirts.

“I think people had fun,” Kristina Vaughn, a sophomore movement and sports science major and coordinator of the event said. “There’s always a little drama within the games but the teams get over it pretty quickly.”

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LV dodges dodgeball tourney

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