Campaign brings up topic of sex

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Campaign brings up topic of sex
Posted April 20, 2007
Seanette Garcia
What the members of Iota Delta called “The Virgin Party” in 2000 was reborn as the “No Sex or Latex” campaign April 13. With pamphlets and free condoms donated by the University of La Verne’s Health Center, senior Virginia Ng along with other members of Iota Delta shared information to help sexually active students become aware of alternatives for safe sex.

Free condoms and information on safe sex practices and abstinence were all a part of the “No Sex or Latex Campaign” put on by Iota Delta sorority April 13 in Sneaky Park.

Interested students could come and learn about the different types of sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and genital warts.

Students could also learn about condoms and why abstinence could be the right choice for them.

Information was available about different programs like Planned Parenthood.

Some of the pamphlets discussed situations when there is alcohol involved.

Posters also were displayed giving students the chance to see statistics.

Among those statistics – 63 percent of all sexually transmitted disease cases occur among people less than 25 years of age.

“It’s surprising to me, but I can see how that statistic would be true because of this day and age that we live in,” said Rudy Martinez, a sophomore international business and Spanish major.

Iota Delta members even showed the students how to use a condom by putting them on bananas and cucumbers.

Some condoms were packaged in cards with messages on them such as “Your Jewels” and “Win the War on STDs.”

As people looked around the table, sorority members talked about the statistics and explained the information to students.

Originally the event was called “The Virgin Party” but the name was changed to reach out to more people.

This is the second year the event has been called the “No Sex or Latex Campaign.”

“It’s important because the whole mission of it is to spread awareness either if you’re having sex, planning to have sex, or not having sex,” said Ashley Vaca, senior member of Iota Delta. “It’s good to know all the risks involved.”

One Iota Delta member said that educating college students in particular is important.

“Even though it was a small event, I felt that it was still important to reach the college population and educate them on safe sex practices because there are so many opportunities in college where things can go wrong,” said Lorraine Rodriguez, a freshman and Iota Delta member.

The University of La Verne Counseling Center and Health Center helped Iota Delta put on the event.

“It’s your choice whether you want to have sex or not, but if you decide to you should at least be safe,” said Adrianna Guaracha, sophomore psychology major.

Hilda Ann Venegas can be reached at

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