Danyel Fogarty
Staff Writer

The fifth and final episode of the first season of “Late Night La Verne with Rico Selva” will air tonight at 7 p.m.

A wrap party in the communications building will kick-off the end of the of the season at 6 p.m.

Invitations have been sent to former guests, the communications department and the show’s fans.

Senior television broadcast major Rich Uranga, a.k.a Rico (pronounced HEE-co) Selva created, produced and starred in the show.

The show is Uranga’s senior project and he began pre-production for the first episode at the beginning of February.

The show airs in La Verne on LVTV-3, as well as on KWST-10 in San Dimas, KCAT-33 and Channel 29 in Covina, Claremont and Pomona.

“The character (Rico Selva) came from an interterm trip to Brazil,” Uranga said. “The natives would call me Ricardo.”

A crew of 15 other students help the show run smoothly.

Tonight’s finale will feature TYPE-S, a rock band from Covina, Sarah Fujimoto, a Bonita High School student and a national baton twirling champion and Shawn Kirchner, director of music at the Church of the Brethren.

Bob Blair, who has been a guest and co-host on “Late Night La Verne” believes the show is the most interesting on LVTV.

“The show’s a blast and it’s entertaining for all ages,” Blair said. “This is the only show on LVTV that that can be said about.”

Uranga has signed on for summer episodes of the show which will air on a monthly basis starting in June.

“All in all, doing the show has been a love hate relationship.” Uranga said. “Producing is hard but at the same time fun.”

“ A producer has to wear a lot of hats,” Blair said. “ A recipe for a successful show is a good chef.”

For more information contact Erin Zabarnick at (909) 499-5142.

Danyel Fogarty can be reached at sadeyez619@hotmail.com.

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Posted April 22, 2005