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New generation sports old trend

Yelena Ovcharenko
New generation sports old trend
Posted April 22, 2005
Ripped, torn and worn out jeans have etched themselves into a trend. “It’s not because they’re fashionable,” said senior Eileen Dominguez. “They’re comfortable because they’re worn in.
Amira Seyoum
Staff Writer

Trends come in and out and make their way back in again all the time. The latest trend to make a comeback is the worn jeans look.

Many University of La Verne students have been seen wearing jeans with the distressed look.

“I really like them, they’re different and fun to wear,” said Gabby De La Cruz, 19, sophomore communications major.

The distressed jeans are a beachy style that is popular among both men and women.

“The worn jeans are really cute,” said Sara Pecoraro, 17, sales associate at Anchor Blue in Montclair.

Worn jeans have been found at many stores since the trend began creeping back in.

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Hollister, which is known for its laid back beachy style, was the first to carry worn jeans. And despite their pocket draining price tag of approximately $60 a pair , people still bought them because other retailers weren’t carrying the jeans. But now they are everywhere.

“I bought these worn jeans at Hollister for $57 and that was using my friends discount,” said Brittany Hanslak, 17, sales associate at Anchor Blue.

Now you can find worn jeans at stores like Anchor Blue and JC Penney for less, Hanslak said. Although those stores do not have a wide variety in stock yet.

“I think worn jeans were more popular the first time they came out,” said Matt Welsh, assistant manager at Anchor Blue.

It is common knowlege that looks always come back a second time around, usually with a little revamping to make them new.

“People used to wear them tight but now people wear them a little more loose,” said Hanslak.

“I think worn jeans will be the trend for the next year or two because the customers like the look, its in,” Welsh said.

However, the price of $57 isn’t in. Luckily stores like JC Penney have now begun making look-alike Hollister jeans for half the price.

“People aren’t just going to Hollister anymore,” Hanslak said. “They were the first to do it and that’s the reason why everybody liked it.”

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