Protecting the planet
starts with us

With conservation being the main focus of Earth Day, there are things that we as ULV students and faculty can do to help save Mother Earth.

For those of you who think you’re environmentally responsible because you always throw your trash into the nearest bin, think again.

This might sound crazy, but those labels on the blue barrels that tell you not to throw your food and other junk in with the recyclables are there for a reason. If there’s even a little garbage mixed in with the paper, bottles and cans, then the whole lot is contaminated and, as a result, is sent to the dump. This begs the question:

Protecting the planet
starts with us

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Posted on April 22, 2005
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Is taking a few measly seconds out of your life to read a label and deposit your trash into the appropriate container really asking that much? The fact is, maintenance can’t do its job if we can’t do ours.

Another local issue affecting us is that currently there is no food conservation program at Davenport. With so many people eating at Davenport everyday all with different preferences, it is hard to satisfy everyone, meaning a large amount of food winds up in the garbage.

Rather than throw uneaten food to the landfill, why not donate the food to a local food bank or a homeless shelter where the food would be gladly appreciated. If big Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks can spare time to send day-old bread to a food bank, then so can Sodexho.

And what about water? Odds are we’ve all encountered faucets that have been left running in empty bathrooms for who knows how long, or people taking half-hour long showers. But there’s probably nothing more aggravating than seeing sprinklers spraying the grass and other plant life while, at the exact same time, hundreds of gallons of water fall from the sky for absolutely free. Each of us needs to make water conservation a top priority, so that we can all reap the benefits during the fast-approaching summer months.

Let us not forget the gas crisis plaguing us at this very moment. The sudden increase in gas prices has left many wondering when the pricing pendulum will swing back toward the consumer’s favor. As many of you may have heard, the best way to cut down gas usage is (Are you sitting down for this?) to use your car less.

For starters, try walking the two blocks to Barkley Building from Woody Hall. The recent sunny weather should bring you out of your car to enjoy a brisk walk. A little sunshine should not be a reason to send pollution into the atmosphere.

Yes, we’re very aware that the Oaks are a pretty long way from Davenport. And we understand that you might be a little exhausted from the late night cram session you had that night. But instead of continuing your weekend ritual of being a couch potato, why not work off the load of carbohydrates stockpiled in your belly and walk from C Street to E Street.

Enjoy the weather, soak in the sun and smell the blooming flowers on the way back to your dorm room.

Laziness is no reason to endanger the earth. And besides, odds are your perfect parking space won’t be empty when you get back.

In other words, walking, along with carpooling, bicycling or good old public transportation can not only significantly reduce pollution but can also save us money for more “important” things like lattes and ringtones.

You say you can afford to unload your four-wheel drive zeppelin for something that you can actually parallel-park? Well, more power to you, grasshopper.

It doesn’t take much to preserve our resources. All it takes is a little dedication to the earth saving cause to make the difference.