LV Life

Campus Times
April 23, 2004

photo by Caroline Franke

Aude Laniel, an international student from France, enjoys a zip of double-apple flavored smoke at the Mediterranean Grapevine restaurant on Foothill Boulevard in La Verne. “I like to smoke hookah in a quiet place, chat with my friend and have some tea.” she said. “It’s a way to travel within your city.” Laniel is used to smoking the middle-eastern pipe in France, where she has a lot of friends from Northern Africa.She is also thinking about buying a hookah for her apartment.

Leos taking to toking hookah style

The Middle Eastern pipes create a new twist on an old buzz.

War in Iraq weighing heavily on ULV senior

Rebecca Cooper Cote's thoughts are never far from her husband, who is in the midst of fighting in Fallujah.

Israeli dance promotes health

Young and old gather in Claremont for a traditional dance that offers a very untraditional workout.