Student art brings ambiance to Miller
Posted April 24, 2009
Rafael Anguiano
Adorning the walls of the admissions office in Miller Hall are several pieces of photographic art from a student and an alumna, including senior Michael Gutierrez and Communications Department Assistant Janice Sullivan. Paul DeLong and Maia Kinsinger, associate professor of communications, talks with Sullivan about her close-up pictures of flowers. Dion Johnson, director of galleries, heads the program seeking to place student artwork in University buildings. The gallery reception was Tuesday.

Alumni and senior project photography is now on display in Miller Hall for the University community and guests to admire.

The artwork, which had the artists’ reception Tuesday, shows the works of Janice Sullivan, administrative assistant in the communications department and a recent alumna, and Michael Giovanni Gutierrez, a senior majoring in art with an emphasis in photography.

Director of University Art Galleries Dion Johnson said that he felt having strong photography works would be appropriate in Miller Hall.

“Both of these sets of photographs present beauty and mystery, and slowly reveal themselves the more you look into them,” Johnson said.

Sullivan’s pictures, “Macro Views 2009,” are a pair of inkjet prints of close up views of flowers that focus on a tiny part of nature using vivid colors to entice the viewer’s curiosity.

“I feel very honored to be part of admissions and to have people see my work when they walk in,” Sullivan said. “It’s nice to be recognized by the University.”

Gutierrez’s work focuses on light and movement, transforming New York City into the art displayed in the admissions hallway.

Gutierrez said that he took the pictures on his first day in New York City between the hours of 1 a.m. and 2 a.m.

“To experience the city, you have to walk through it. To experience life, you have to live it,” Gutierrez said. “This is my way of interpreting reality and noticing what people don’t always see but is always there.”

ULV President Stephen Morgan said that he thought the pictures were a good choice in showing what the University has to offer.

“I’m impressed with the talent presented but as University of La Verne students, I expect them to be talented,” Morgan said. “I’m pleased we have begun to distribute artwork around campus, not just in galleries.”

Chris Krzak, dean of admissions, said that this arrangement was only made possible by two different departments collaborating and that the University needs more collaboration.

“I thought that we must have real art on this campus. We want prospective students to see what La Verne students can accomplish,” Krzak said

Johnson said that when Krzak presented the idea of gallery works around campus, he felt that having strong photographic works would be appropriate for Miller Hall.

“As I’m working with different artists and different disciplines, I’m always looking for works that intrigue me and bring me back to look at it again,” Johnson said.

Many people came to support the artists, or to view their works for the first time.

“I came here to support Janice. I love her use of color in her work,” said Maia Kinsinger, associate professor of communications.

Sullivan also spoke highly of the photography department and the way the photography courses are taught.

“This department lets you explore and step out of the box and be different,” Sullivan said. “Anyone who comes to this school to study photography will do really well.”

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Student art brings ambiance to Miller

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