Commuters feel welcomed
Posted April 24, 2009

The University of La Verne’s Campus Activities Board hosted its Commuters Day celebration on Wednesday in the Quad in coordination with Earth Day.

A club and organization fair was held so that students that live off-campus and commute can be aware of what is offered at ULV and can become more involved on campus.

CAB Major Events Chair­women Heather Williams and Naime Laskar organized the event.

“Commuters always seem to be forgotten,” Williams, a sophomore liberal studies major said. “We worked with GIVE and Greek Week to have a great event.”

The first 200 commuters were offered free lunch and every commuter that attended the event received an Earth Day t-shirt and a tote bag with a first aid kit and candy.

“We hope everyone enjoys the club fair and gets a sense of La Verne’s clubs,” Williams said.

Shaun Centers, a GIVE supporter at its booth thought the fair was a great idea for the school.

GIVE asked students to sign up for carpool and hope to get students in contact with each other in order to do so.

“Carpooling is a really good way to get people to network and cut down on smog so we actually have mountains this summer,” Centers said.

According to GIVE, commuters save an average of 36 minutes each trip by taking advantage of the car pool lane.

Junior liberal arts major Ashley Contreras commutes to ULV from Covina. Contreras does not believe she’d benefit from carpooling because her commute is 10 minutes from home.

Melissa Lew, a senior biology major, endures a commute from Arcadia and can recall one ride to campus taking two hours.

“Parking is a big problem as a commuter,” Lew said.

Lew’s demanding major requires her to be on campus five days per week.

She often finds herself on campus on the weekends as well.

“It’s inconvenient and easy to feel disconnected,” Lew said.

Lew and Contreras have bothcommuted since their freshman years.

Blair Nelson, a junior psychology major drives for 20 minutes from Chino Hills.

Nelson finds that being involved with her sorority Phi Sigma Sigma gets her more involved on campus.

“Being greek means getting more involved,” Nelson said.

Korynn Frelow, a freshman business administration major commutes from La Puente and is also a member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

“Phi Sigma Sigma brings us closer to campus,” Frelow said.

Both Nelson and Frelow call gas prices the biggest problem as commuters.

I Will Ride is an organization through the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority encouraging the Foothill Extension.

Supporters of the project that will extend the Metro Gold Line east from Pasadena to Montclair are calling it the “Brain Train.”

The train will ride along 11 colleges.

“This project is full of educational opportunities as well as economic opportunities,” Andrea Campbell, I Will Ride Outreach Team member, said.

The train will allow for students to get to school.

Also, the construction will bring a lot of jobs to the San Gabriel Valley.

Campbell said that all the approvals that are necessary have been received such as the environmental review process.

“We’re ready,” Campbell said.

Students, community leaders and college faculty are invited to Citrus College from 11 a.m. to noon May 7 to show to show their support for the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension.

Transportation is offered from ULV for student supporters interested in attending the event.

For more information, visit

Victoria Farlow can be reached at

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