Campus Times
April 25, 2003

photo by Jennifer Contreras

The corner's of Arrow Highway and Indian Hill Boulevard was the sight of a war rally, with people from all sides of the issue. April 4, was like any other Friday afternoon where community members carried signs and banners to show either their support for the war or their opposition. Those rallying for the support of U.S. troops in the Middle East say that their demonstrations are in direct response to the anti-war protests that started as early as last fall. For more on the two sides of the protest, see the special pull-out section in today's issue.

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Events call for conservation

The University honors Earth Day with a fair and lectures.

Leos third in nation

The men's volleyball team travels to the national championships.



LV College Latino alumni honored

Ruben and Dolores Gonzales are recognized for their contributions to their alma mater.

Professor Reed featured on History Channel

The religion professor is recognized as a leading authority on the quest for the historical Jesus.

Experts debate plastic toxicity effects

Microwave usage may release cancer-causing dioxins into the environment.

Alumni join the CPA elite

Three ULV graduates pass the Certified Public Accountant Exam.