Scoreboards comics put on show
Posted April 25, 2008
Seanette Garcia
Amateur comedian Scott Yarborough performed at Scoreboards Bar and Grill in Pomona Wednesday, April 16. Other comedians included Tim Markowitz and “Fuel TV: Stupid Face” star Paul Goebal. Comedy Night at Scoreboards offers performances every Wednesday. Comedy Night is open to anyone wishing to compete for a cash prize.

Danielle Lampkin
Assistant Editor

Comedians won the crowd over on April 16 at Scoreboards American Sports Bar and Grill in Diamond Bar, earning them a spot on the Hollywood star imprinted on the venue’s dance floor.

Host Brian McNett set the scene and started a series of racial jokes, which led to an applause by nearly 30 audience members before introducing the night’s first comedian, Tim Markowitz.

Markowitz, the next to take the stage, centered his act on food, sex and dating.

“I would take dinner over sex any day and I only eat a salad if it’s on a cheeseburger,” Markowitz said.
“I tried interracial dating before; I dated a vegetarian.”

Heightening the mood by undoing a button on her blouse, which she said was aimed at the mostly male audience, Mary Margaret Steel, a mother of four, showed off her acting skills imitating a child screaming and crying.
Comedian Scott Yarbarough expressed his love of candy.

“I like pixie sticks…they just changed the color of sugar,” Yarbarough said.
Following were more experienced comedians.

Paul Goebal, star of “Fuel TV: Stupid Face,” took the stage and told audience members to dare not compare a woman giving childbirth to a man getting kicked in his genitals.

Goebal received laughter and applause while receiving praise throughout the night by comedians and the audience.

Far exceeding the two-drink minimum for the night, a table of three’s loud chatter caused some annoyance in the otherwise fun and funny comic show.

Then lightening the mood, comedian Naro took the stage and made fun of the loud, obnoxious table for a good part of his set, making the audience laugh while the table continued to talk loudly until comedian Eddy Diaz finally had enough.

Words were exchanged and needless to say the noisy table left within the next five minutes.

Thankfully, Diaz refrained from having a Michael Richards incident.

McNett introduced the new comedy host of Scoreboards, Jim Bruce, as the next comedian for the night and handed the mic over for Bruce to finish up.

Just as things settled down, a heckler joined the audience, which distracted a few of the comedians.

“It can throw you off a little bit but you have to work through it and shut them up,” Walker said.

As more talent took the stage, some magicians performed while shooting a 40 minute demo tape, leaving J.G. Moore, the last act of the night more time to rehearse.

“This is my third time, I’ve killed both times before,” Moore said. “My act for tonight is about picking up women.”

The night left smiles upon audience member’s faces as they walked and imprinted their footsteps on the Hollywood star before exiting the building.
For more information about Scoreboards Comedy night offered every wednesday, visit

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at

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Scoreboards comics put on show

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