University marks Earth Day
Posted April 25, 2008

On Tuesday Sneaky Park was transformed into a symbol of awareness, educating University of La Verne students and the community on the importance of Earth Day.

Earth Day has been celebrated nationally since 1970 as a day to show concern and respond to the problems and needs of the environment.

Many informative booths filled Sneaky Park, where students and faculty members enlightened the community of the many dangers to our environment and how we all can help.

“Our main goal was to show the community certain things and actions they can do to help the environment,” said Emily Romo, an organizer of ULV’s Earth Day events.

Romo tries to be environmentally friendly, she said, by recycling bags and drinking from a stainless steel water bottle.

Chico Bags and Klean Kanteen brand bottles were among the many items that were promoted at the event.

Plastic bags over time break down into smaller toxic substances that
contaminate soil and water passages. Allison Marsh, a sophomore biology major, was one of many students who participated in the Earth Day event. Marsh gave out non-disposable bags.

“We’re really trying to promote reusable bags,” Marsh said.

“Reusable bags are very convenient and make a huge difference,” Marsh added.

La Verne’s Wild Earth Spa also had a booth at Earth Day, demonstrating its natural and organic skin care products and services that used all natural ingredients.

The La Verne community had the opportunity to learn about smart gardening programs such as backyard composting, worm composting, grass recycling and water wise gardening.

The African American Student Alliance gave quick demonstrations on how to build your own composting heap in your own home by using house hold items.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” April Marshall, a junior athletic training major, said.

Marshall has been attending Earth Day at ULV for the past three years.

“It really has been the best one so far,” Marshall said.

She was really surprised to see how little actions can go a long way and make such an impact to the world and the environment.

Students were able to bring recyclable items such as cans, bottles, cell phones, pagers, computer appliances and other electronic devices.

Many students also donated clothing to be distributed to the Goodwill.

“Were really trying to promote sustainability,” Michael Consolo, a senior biology major, said.

Consolo is part of the executive board for the Society of Physical Life
Science Scholars, which is a club that helps prepare students for graduate school.

Society of Physical and Life Science Scholars along with Green Institute for Village Empowerment educated students on poor air quality and its many health threats.

They gave away plants such as birds of paradise and miniature palms as form of air purifiers.

Consolo explained that plants are a great way of purifying the quality of air instead of using electrical air purifiers. Plants are very low maintenance and do not need the energy source in which on a greater scale is much more beneficial to your health and the environment.
Consolo tries to be very conscientious of saving water and energy.

He cuts down on his energy consumption by simply turning off lights that are not needed on or being used.

The effortless task of shutting the water off while brushing his teeth makes a significant difference to preserving water amounts.

Other booths and Greek life promoted organic food choices, vegetarian lifestyle, water pollution, animal testing, planting sun flowers and the Gold Line Metro.

“I think it’s great seeing students educating students,” Robert Neher, professor of biology, said.

Neher feels that it is wonderful to see that a lot more people participated and that there were a lot of booths for the community to enjoy.

Around the world Earth Day was a successful celebration.

People came together to address the rising concern towards the environment and plotted ways and ideas on how to better the environment not only for Mother Nature but for many generations in the near future.

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