Campus Times
April 26, 2002

photo by Tom Galaraga

University of La Verne volleyball captain Nate Michael and middle-hitter David Engle double-team Springfield's Ricky Albano, successfully blocking his attempt during game one of the Molten Division III National Championship. The Leopards defeated Lehman the night before to advance to the championship match.

Top Stories

Men's volleyball places 2nd

An exciting national title run ends as the Leopards are defeated by Springfield in the finals.

Students forced into 5-year plan

According to the 1999 Annual Report from the California State University, the average time to complete a bachelor's degree for their new freshman is 5.7 years.

Sprinklers malfunction for third time in Oaks

Another faulty sprinkler has caused thousands of dollars worth of damage Sunday night when it went off in the Oaks D Building in room 203, causing flooding throughout the top and bottom floors of the building.



Botanic Gardens celebrate Earth Day

Last Saturday Earth Day was celebrated with the help of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont and a variety of local organizations.

ULV appoints new dean for School of Business

Gordon Badovick has been appointed dean of the School of Business and Global studies at the University of La Verne.

Speaker Zaru wishes for peace in Mideast

The Palestinian peace activist visits ULV for a speech.