Greek Week 2007:
Greeks get creative with chalk drawings
Posted April 27, 2007
Emmah Obradovich
Senior Virginia Ng drew a Greek god as part of a Greek temple, a group chalk drawing by her sorority, Iota Delta. Ng participated in the activity that led her sorority to win the best drawing on Tuesday by the Rock.

The Greek Week chalk drawing contest on Tuesday evoked memories of simpler school days filled with games and recess.

Members of the University of La Verne sororities and fraternities gathered around The Rock at 9 a.m. to start their task.

Chip West, director of Student Life, spoke about Greek Week’s goal of letting the students at ULV shine.

“The events showcase all of the things that Greek Week is about: leadership, creativity, community service,” West said.

The chalk drawing contest allows those Greek members with artistic talent to show their capabilities.

“We picked the best drawers to help us win,” Tiffanie Sigal, a junior speech communications major, said.

The six Greek organizations spread out in front of Founder’s Hall with blankets, snacks, and music to keep their creative juices flowing.

Large chalkboards were laid on the grass and cement pathways and the artists worked hard on their chalk masterpieces.

The theme of Greek Week is “games” so the chalkboard drawings consisted of illustrations of board games like Life and Monopoly and scenes of football and hopscotch games.

Sigal’s sorority, Sigma Kappa, worked hard to ensure that their particular chalk-drawing conveyed the spirit of Greek Week.

“We tried to incorporate all of the different organizations and the theme of games,” Sigal said.

One goal of Greek Week is to shed light on the various Greek communities involved on campus.

The fraternity chapters include Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the sorority chapters are Iota Delta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Kappa, and Alpha Omicron Pi.

“It is a way for the Greeks to show themselves as a positive group and seek recognition among their peers,” West said.

Another benefit of the week’s activities is to unite the school as a whole – non-Greeks are invited to all events and are encouraged to cheer on their classmates. Solidarity is shown among the Greek members in all of the events.

“We support one another,” Sigal said. “We don’t want to let our team down.”

While the sororities emphasized unity and sisterhood during the task, the guys spoke of another element of Greek Week that they love more.

“Competition,” John Lejay, a freshman member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said. “I love to trash talk.”

Greek Week is sponsored by ASULV, the College Panhellenic Association, and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Events included Fear Factor, Tug of War and a Spelling Bee among many others. The competitions began Monday and will last through Friday night’s Lip Sync Contest.

The weeklong celebration also includes an educational component with a speaker on Thursday night that will address alcohol issues and the dangers of sexual assault. The team who organized the many events during Greek Week worked hard to devise activities that could get everyone involved.

“All of the various activities really tap into other personalities,” West said, referring to the different strengths emphasized in each activity.

The sororities and fraternities on campus also wear different t-shirts everyday to show their camaraderie and Greek spirit. Some groups had practiced for the events in order to maximize their chances of winning.

“The Greek Week champion will receive a trophy and bragging rights at recruitment,” West said.

Sigal said her sorority had a firm game plan to win as many events as possible.

“We have no mindset that we are gonna lose,” Sigal said.

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Greek Week 2007:
Greeks get creative with chalk drawings

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