Sequins adorn new
summer style

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Sequins adorn new
summer style
Posted April 29, 2005
Beads and gems are in fashion for spring and summer, according to Mercy-Faith Kimbwala. As a child, she redesigned her Barbie’s shoes and clothes and now keeps an eye out for fashion.
Marilee Lorusso
Staff Writer

Fresh off the runways and into the malls, bright and vibrant colors and little details, are making clothes, shoes and accessories stand out. They are the hot new trends for spring and summer 2005.

The most well-known and well-respected designers have brought their creations from the other side of the world straight to the west coast. From Eastern exported looks straight from India to the coast of Greece, spring and summer have many new trends in store.

Although college students cannot often afford to pay the hefty price tags of Versace or Yves Saint Laurent, similar styles can be found in the student price range.

“You don’t need to have a lot of money to follow the trends, just a good eye and patience,” said Mercy-Faith Kimbwala, a freelance fashion stylist and business marketing major at the University of La Verne.

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Usually worn as formal and night wear, beads, sequins and jewels can be found on everything from tops to shoes to handbags. With an Eastern influence, flat, ballet-type shoes adorned with sequin designs are an update to a classic style and can be found in basic black or bright vibrant colors and metallics such as silver and pewter.

Adding a stylish touch, jewels, beads and sequins are not just for going out at night anymore and can be found on everything from every day tank tops, as little touches to skirts and as a design to the back pocket of jeans.

“I love them because they are comfortable and cute,” said sophomore Cristina Urzua of her ballet flats. “They go with everything.”

Blues, greens and aquas have taken over as the new pink. With a nautical or sea theme, rich blues, soft greens and brilliant aquas make up the current color scheme in most stores at your nearest mall. An outfit’s slightest details, such as metallic trim and buttons, now have a sea-inspired pearlized finish.

Loose fitting, peasant-style tops are also something to look for this season. With details such as a dropped neckline or an empire waist, along with metallic or embellishments, will make any girl feel like a Grecian goddess.

Longer, flowy skirts that fall right below the knee are another hot trend for the season. For those who are shorter beware, this may not be the right skirt for you.

“Not everybody can fit every trend,” Kimbwala said. “You just have to find what’s yours and maximize it.”

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