Campus Times
April 30
, 2004

photo by Gloria Diaz

Adviser for the Latino Student Forum, Daniel Loera addresses the audience at the Bienvenida Dinner on Sunday at the La Verne Community Center. Loera talked about the influence of Latinos on the University of La Verne. The night also featured awards to outstanding LSF members in the areas of community service, member of the year, and senior of the year.

Top Stories

LV debate team earns first

ULV's team takes the top spot in the La Verne Open Debate Tournament.

Gas prices soar, students still driving

Despite the high cost, ULV's large commuter population keeps making the long (and expensive) journey to campus.

Meet up in cyberspace

A popular Web site is creating off-line communities around a variety of common interests.



Event honors L.A. DA

Steve Cooley is the guest of honor at Project SISTER's annual Healing the Heart dinner.

ULV habit to employ many alumni

Many La Verne graduates like to stick around to join the ranks of the faculty and staff.

Schoofs talks AIDS, globe trotting

The Pulitzer Prize-winner shares his experiences covering the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Minor car accident occurs near ULV

A fender bender ties up traffic at the intersection of Arrow Highway and D Street.