Event celebrates Asian wellness
Posted May 2, 2008

Monica Esparza
Staff Writer

A night of music and drumming filled Davenport Dining Hall Monday with the celebration of Asian Wellness Day.
Music could be heard all around Davenport. The celebration echoed throughout the vicinity, while the Korean Classical Music and Dance Company entertained the students at the University of La Verne with the music of the Asian culture.

Asian Wellness Day was an event brought to campus by Campus Activities Board Multicultural Chairwoman Toya Johnson-Moore.

“One day I just opened my calendar and saw that this month was Asian and Pacific Islander month. I wanted to put on an event,” Johnson-Moore said.

The entertainment came from the Korean Classical Music and Dance Company.

This is a professional dance group that performs at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and the Los Angeles Music Center.

Three dancers dressed in bright, colorful costumes significant to the dances they were doing. This consisted mostly of dances from the Japanese culture.

The dances were serene and entertaining to watch because of the colors of the costumes.

One particular dance consisted of beautiful oriental hand fans.

Freshman Roy Merker watched the entertainment with admiration.

“All the different aspects of the music and day are good. I really like the dancing, music and drumming,” Merker said.

Junior Nick Gonzalez, Phi Delta Theta president, also stopped by to watch the entertainment and enjoy some dinner with his friends.

“I love events like this. The dancing and music is very interesting to me,” Gonzalez said.

The entertainment ended with a bang as they finished off their set with a Buddhist ritual of drumming.

Pamphlets were also handed out with information about the Chinese zodiac signs with descriptions of what each of the 12 animals symbolize in relation to everyday life.

Also included in these pamphlets was a background of Chinese astrology and how it relates to the moon and five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

On the back page of these same pamphlets came a guide on how to “Feng Shui Your Place: The Ancient Art of Arranging Our Living Space.”

On one side of the entertainment was a table with a little workshop on how to do origami for anyone who was interested.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to be exposed to different cultures,” freshman Andrew Angeles said.

If you are interested in watching the Korean Classical Music and Dance Company perform, visit the Orange County Performing Arts Web site at www.ocpac.org.

For more information on upcoming CAB events, visit www.ulv.edu/cab or call 909-593-3511, ext. 4424.

Monica Esparza can be reached at mesparza2@ulv.edu.

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Event celebrates Asian wellness

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