Construction continues on campus
Posted May 2, 2008
Leah Heagy
As workers begin to build the foundation for the Sarah and Michael Abraham Campus Center, individuals such as Wayne Hanawalt watch the process. Hanawalt graduated from La Verne in 1940 with a degree in chemistry. Hanawalt’s family has a long history with the city of La Verne, the University and the Church of the Brethren.

Jamie Ondatje
Staff Writer

In the past few weeks, the University of La Verne community has watched the steel frame of the Sarah and Michael Abraham Campus Center building being erected, leaving the campus anticipating its opening for May 2009.

Currently, construction workers are building the frame for the West side of the building, which will contain the café and a third floor meeting room space. They will gradually start working on the East side of the building, with hopes of finishing all major steel work by June 6.

At that point, the large crane will no longer be needed, and many parking spaces will be opened up again. Until then, facilities management is trying to minimize the parking impact.

“We are doing everything we can to make every space available that we can for student parking,” Director of Facilities Management David Koch said.

This week, workers started moving the fence closer to the construction site to eventually free up as many as 15 more spaces on Second Street.

During the day, the construction crew needs more space to move large equipment, but in the evening, they have been moving the fenced-off exit back as much as possible to free up an additional five to six spaces on Second Street.

“Construction has been very cooperative,” Koch said. “We are very aware that we need to provide enough parking for students.”

Efforts to increase parking in the fall include working with the City of La Verne and redesigning current parking lots.

“If we are successful, we should have more parking in the fall than we do now,” Koch added.

Despite the temporary hassle of the construction’s interference with parking, the completion of the Campus Center is still highly anticipated.

“It is going to be the best building on campus,” Koch said. “It is something to really look forward to for May of next year.”

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Lauren Pollard
Construction workers are currently building the frame for the west side of the Sarah and Michael Abraham Campus Center and will gradually start working on the east side. All major steel construction is expected to be finished by June 6.

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