ULV celebrates faculty publications
Posted May 2, 2008
Sher Porter
University of La Verne faculty members presented their publications at the Faculty Book Day on April 25. Andrea Labinger translated the book “The Island Of Eternal Love” by Daina Chaviano, a Cuban author. The book follows a woman named Cecilia who returns to a bar every night to listen to a mysterious old lady talk about three stories relating to the Spanish, Africans and Chinese that come together to form the Cuban nation. Along with Labinger other professors shared their recent publications.

Each year the University of La Verne celebrates the publications of faculty members.

This year, “Emergence: Complexity and Organization” was the theme for the celebration of faculty publications on Apri 25 in Wilson Library.

ULV President Stephen Morgan opened the celebration with a warm welcome to faculty, staff and students who attended the event and thanked faculty for their efforts in bettering the University.
Faculty authors read selections from their published works to the audience of about 35 students and faculty.

“I think the turnout among presenters was absolutely fabulous,” Al Clark, associate vice president of academic affairs said.

“The crowd was also great; they seemed to be enthusiastic and interested.”

Guests to the event were treated to a light lunch, desserts and refreshments on the warm afternoon, while enjoying the large group of 18 presenters.

Presenters briefly explained their publications, but because of time constraints many faculty members had their presentations cut short.

Felicia Beardsley, associate professor of anthropology, shared a story about the demise of a city that had been buried after being ransacked, according to archeological records.

Beardsley got a round of applause after she shared the story and told of her discovery of the city.

Other faculty authors expressed their joy in being published after many hard years of research.

“I can distinctively remember hearing someone say once, La Verne you are not doing enough research,” Jack Meek, professor of public administration, said. “Now I don’t quite know what they were talking about, look at all of this research.”

Several authors gave the main point of their books, primarily based on research studies they conducted themselves.

“I came to see my adviser, Janis Dietz,” Adam Elmayan, senior business administration major said.

“I think it was too short; she only covered a couple of chapters.”

While some students attended to see a favorite professor, there were also faculty and staff members there to see their colleagues.

“It was pretty interesting and I am glad I came,” Kevin Bowman photography department manager said. “I learned what some of the faculty are doing on campus.”

Faculty’s published books were made available for people to view and buy. Prices ranged from $10 to $120.

The celebration was a great way for the University community to learn about research being conducted by faculty on campus and obtain their publications.

“This is becoming a comprehensive University in the real sense of the word,” Morgan said.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at dlampkin@ulv.edu.

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