Campus Times
May 3, 2002



Another reason to turn off tube

Today, marriage can be as common as getting a hamburger from McDonalds, and divorce is as common as the fries that come with it.

Mandatory fee unjustifiable

After the lab fees have been paid, the books have been bought, the student activity fee taken care of and the loan papers have been signed, ULV students still are not out of the red.


Redefining the meaning of average

Ryan MacDonald, editor in chief, tells how the average student are misunderstood.

Magazine brings international awareness

Jaclyn Roco, arts and entertainment editor, relates how a magazine article will forever make her wonder what would happen if she were a woman behind a veil.

Doubtful in NYC journalism debut

Amanda Studevoss, sports editor, tells how her trip to New York City taught her how to be a stronger person.

Letters to the Editor

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