Paintings released from shadows
Posted May 8, 2009
Rafael Anguiano
The Project 210 gallery, located at 288 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena, held an opening reception for Dion Johnson’s Shadow Series on Sunday. The exhibit, “Shadows and Vistas,” is comprised of intimate works on paper incorporating water color, colored pencil and acrylic paint. Johnson spoke with fellow artist Jennifer Vanderpool, who was recently honored with an exhibition of her work in the Harris Art Gallery at the University of La Verne last month.

David deBos
Staff Writer

Last weekend’s opening of Dion Johnson’s “Shadows and Vistas” in Pasadena was a departure for him to something simpler, yet just as intriguing.

Held at the Project 210 Gallery, the small live-and-work space nestled in a cluster of other studios set the mood for Johnson’s “Vistas” pieces.

“It’s a different direction from other paintings I’ve done,” said Johnson, the director of art galleries at the University of La Verne.

“This is balance between architecture and atmosphere,” Johnson said.

The galley was buzzing the day of the opening.

“This takes more chances and counts on few ingredients to make it work,” Johnson said.

The works, created mostly with acrylics, showed vibrant and muted colors painted in vast large non-linear lines.

Johnson said his work is accessible to most viewers.

“It’s a departure from before. It’s play and organic, yet still architectural, different but still alive and fun,” said Daniela Kamp-Taylor, who attended the opening.

Johnson, originally from Ohio, received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts form Ohio state University and then went on to Claremont Graduate University where he obtained his masters of fine art.

Johnson has also been featured in several other exhibits, both locally and in New York, Florida and Ohio.

“In general, we try to show art that is diverse. The last show we did was a sculpture and our next opening is featuring a black and white photo set,” said Quinton Bemiller, who runs the Project 210 gallery.

“This is the first show we’ve had Dion in.”

The exhibit runs until May 30, and hours and location can be found at

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Paintings released from shadows

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