Movie Review:
'X-Men Origins' not exactly original
Posted May 8, 2009

The film's story begins in Canada in 1840.

James Howlett and his half-brother Victor Creed learn that they are not like other children. They have animal-like skills and Howlett can shoot out wooden claws.

After discovering a dark secret, the two join forces to play G.I. Joe in several American Wars until the end of the Vietnam War.

That leads them to a meeting with U.S Army Col. William Stryker, played by Danny Huston, who offers them each a spot on his special new task force made up of other mutants and non-mutants.

But this does not last for long with Howlett. He heads off into the Canadian wilderness, meets a lover and lives in peace as a lumberjake.

Despite struggling to be a normal human with super powers, Howlett enjoys the simple life in the mountains until Stryker finds him.

And that is pretty much it.

What makes this movie different from previous X-Men movies is that the plot is very predictable.

Like the “Star Wars” prequels, you know how the movie will end.

“Wolverine” has a less than interesting plot and the dialogue to make anyone really care about his background.

The film leaves you wondering why you invested time trying to learn more about him after the movie is over. So Wolverine finds love. A love for Jean Grey stomps any love he ever had, even if he cannot remember.

The truth is you know just about the same as you did from other films.

Also, the comic books offer far more interesting stories.

Also, to be honest, the mystery serves his character better.

Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, just walks around angry throughout most of the film.

Supporting characters do not show much interest either.

They are mostly in a scene for a couple of minutes and they disappear.

Sabretooth, however, is the most fascinating of all the characters and makes you wish that this was “Villain Origins: Sabretooth.”

It is really hard for the film to succeed with the recent boom of great comic book movies. “Wolverine” feels like an okay X-Men, reserved for random Saturday matinees on T.V.”

Still, good action scenes keep the movie afloat, especially scenes with franchise newbie Gambit. But with a character like Wolverine there should be complex things about him that keeps us intrigued.

The film ranks slightly higher than “X-Men The Last Stand.” But it is no where near the good sequel “X2: X-Men Unite.” Just like Wolverine‘s memory, the film is simply forgettable.

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Movie Review:
'X-Men Origins' not exactly original


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