Campus Times
May 9, 2003


Top Stories

Awards honor academic excellence

Students are honored in the annual Academic Awards ceremony.

New A&S dean chosen

Fred Yaffee named to succeed John Gingrich as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

XM radio: more than just AM, FM

New satellite radio services change the way people listen to music.



Online courses open to CAPA only

ULV's online class offerings will no longer be open to traditional undergraduate students.

First speech communication major wins award

Among the honorees at Saturday's Academic Awards ceremony is Audrey Butcher, the first to graduate from ULV with a speech communication major.

LSF dinner celebrates Latino culture

The Latino Student Forum hosts its annual Bienvenida Dinner.

ULV remembers first lady, Ruth Fasnacht

The widow of former ULV president Harold Fasnacht dies at 93.

Einstein talk

Scholar Diane L. Kormos-Buchwald speaks to a ULV audience.